Fox goes Fascist


The right of sensible broadcaster has discovered a taste for promoting fascism. I'm not talking about the 'radical right', or the 'far-right' but out and out Nazi's.
It's a web site with everything from dating advice and homemaking threads, to discussion boards that focus on news that white activists want to know. is a web site founded on the belief that the white race is a dying race.

One member says, "we really are just white folks that deeply care about preserving a future for our progeny."

We're called anti-Semitic, we're called neo-Nazi, we're called racist [but] we're none of that." Instead, Stormfront members say their message is much more simple. "We don't hate anybody. The only thing we're concerned with is that 100 years from now, 500 years from now that there will actually be the kind of white neighborhoods and white nations that our parents and ancestors gave to us."

Kelso says Stormfront simply provides a safe forum for people to use without fear of retaliation. "Really the political correctness today, you could even call it vicious. On the Internet you can anonymously talk to other people and open up and say what you want to say. This has really opened up a new chance for people to have free speech."

Of course anyone who has visited the site will realise that all that talk is just bollocks. It's full of pro nazi ranting and wailing, together with anti-semitism and other guff associated with fascism.

How on earth Fox could run such an uncritical piece is beyond me. So I emailed them:


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about the article published on your website entitled

I found it incredible that you would give such positive and uncritical coverage of a website that is essentially fascist, anti semitic and promotes racial hatred.

Their claim that it doesn't can easily be disproved by visiting the site and reading it for yourself. Could you please explain why your coverage was so uncritical or is Fox in the business of promoting fascism, and I mean real full on hitler loving, pro third reich fascism, not being 'far right' or 'nationalist'.


UPDATE: I'm not expecting a reply, but I am wondering who I should contact regarding this comment on a stormfront thread about the programme:

Charles A Lindbergh
Sr. Moderator James Kelso

Thanks to all for the positive assessments of this interview with Fox TV. The Fox TV Carolina staff was very professional and made it easy for Bob and me.

One detail that I forgot (until just yesterday) was to unmoderate our new Stormfront Member, FOXSC, so that Fox could post more easily on Stormfront. We've also got Fox5News and Fox-News as Stormfront Members.

Yes, Fox News staff have actually joined stormfront and contribute.



Re: Stormfront on Fox news
I am FOX Carolina reporter who reported this story. I contacted dozens of Stormfront members, all of whom (with the exception of Bob Whitaker and Jamie Kelso) declined to talk with me for this story because of the believed slant I would put into this story. I hope this can show those of you who have little faith in the media that there are journalists who take pride in being factual and unbiased.

If it was any other mass

If it was any other mass media outlet I'd be surprised, as it is I'm merely disgusted. "Fair and Balanced" Fox News has been in the business of news distortion and outright lying for years now, but this is is really beyond the pale even by their low standards. I can't wait to read their reply.

And I can't wait to see how

And I can't wait to see how they justify their staff joining stormfront.

Given that the poster is

Given that the poster is long-deceased "Charles A Lindbergh," I have a feeling some good soul is tweaking the Nazis.

Strike that last ... looks

Strike that last ... looks like the poster was not "Lindbergh" ... more at The Generals:

Admit your terrorism and win

Admit your terrorism and win fabulous prizes!

Ok, before the update I was

Ok, before the update I was just disgusted. Now I really am surprised as well. I just went to have a look at and my lower jaw hit the floor. I felt like the audience watching "springtime For Hitler" for the first time in the Mel Brooks film "The Producers". I don't know who you could contact regarding this latest revellation but I'm thinking of sending the links to Michael Moore's website as he often has a go at Fox and his site gets a lot of hits. Incidentally, there is a very good article about Rupert Murdoch and his attitude to news by John Pilger on his website: Its called "A cultural Chernobyl".

The station isn't owned by

The station isn't owned by Fox, it's an affiliate. Not being an expert on how US TV works, can anyone enlighten me as to quite what this means - does WHNS just rebroadcast Fox stuff or is there some editorial control? Could this be a local racist nut bigging up his favourite website, in other words? Much as I dislike Murdoch and hope that he finds this highly embarrassing, I don't think he's stupid enough to allow his corporation to come out in favour of White supremacy. It would annoy his (Chinese) wife for a start (he's not exactly averse to 'mixing the races' there, it seems). Not to mention his Chinese business friends.

Private Eye might find it amusing, incidentally. I hope someone's got a copy of it, I can imagine some airbrushing of the website shortly.

Affiliate stations are owned

Affiliate stations are owned by someone other than the network. They will have control over their local news, but basically, they run what the network feeds them.

Affiliates also engage in

Affiliates also engage in (FOX affiliates) daily opinion pieces that follow the national FOX slant.

They run FOX stories and also contribute to FOX when something 'newsworthy' happens in their area. This particular station runs in Asheville/Greenville. I live in Greenville, NC but I believe that they run Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC. Asheville is 'progressive', Greenville, SC is definately not.

The fact that they actually joined stormfront's forums is appalling.

Read up on the Wilmington, NC white takeover in the late 19th century. We're getting op-ed pieces justifying the violent removal of said black leaders (all elected of course) because whites paid '90 percent of the taxes' and that besides, if they'd been allowed to continue Wilmington, NC would be a US version of 'Port-au-Prince (sp), Haiti'. Yes, we have hordes of enlightened people here. And wonderful figures dotting the towns from the sons and daughters of the confederate army.

"does WHNS just rebroadcast

"does WHNS just rebroadcast Fox stuff or is there some editorial control? Could this be a local racist nut bigging up his favourite website, in other words?"

There is both local video coverage and re-airing of national FOX news (for the World/Nation segments and the 'War on Christmas'). What they choose to show depends on their market.

They engage in News but their main purpose is to run the Simpsons, etc.

All articles that are posted are reviewed. You don't just get to post whatever you wish. All the local stations here have that policy - it prevents hackers/freelancers from running stories that resulted from labor disputes. Of course, it could be that this one slipped through, but I doubt it.

This FOX affiliate serves Greenville, South Carolina. Yes, South Carolina. Most of the FOX audience (white) would agree. The FOX websites are designed to appeal to different segments of their viewers.

Read my above post for some Eastern North Carolina coverage of the Wilmington takeover in 1898? I believe. The major paper that serves the area apologized for it's coverage - and we are now witnessing a torrent of pro-white-takeover op-ed pieces. They are 'tax' based (whites paid more taxes), with veiled references to the current tax situation. Then there is the "Wilminton would be" another third world country argument.

Yes, the South is full of progressive minds.

Cheers chaps - always nice

Cheers chaps - always nice to know what goes on in the far reaches of Rupe's empire.

The original article is now Nowhere To Be Found. Glad I took a copy of it :)

For my next question - if the US media is a big corporate jungle full of healthy cutthroat competition, why don't other major news organisations use the bizarre and obvious WoC "story" to point out that Fox is serving the interests of the administration's cover up?

Surely discrediting Fox as corrupt Republican stooges and declaring yourself the only real up and at em news station would be good business? Or am I missing something*?


Have you read the thread

Have you read the thread Fox-News started on Stormfront? I have no idea who it is, but James Kelso is proud to say he is from Fox News in some capacity
Fox-News posted
Hitler was a Liberal

Hi, I come here w/ a neutral opinion, not wanting to make friends or enemies with anybody. I am commissioned with the task of proving a loser on the Axis of Justice MSG Board wrong about his falliced opinion that Hiter was a liberal.
Its been going for about 8 pages so far, and still he is not convinced.
I was hoping you guys - of all people - would know best, so I came here searching for the answer.
Was Hitler a liberal or not?
If you want to better understand what I'm trying to get across, the link to the thread is

Fenris Posted
Liberalism should be divided, first of all. Modern "liberals" are totalitarians who support big, invasive government, as Communist-like as possible. They also support homosexuality, class warfare, gender hatred, the destruction of Christianity and the family, race-mixing and the myth of racial equality. Hitler and the Nazi party were certainly none of those things. If you're arguing that Hitler and Lieberman would disagree, you win.

"Old liberalism" is the idea of small, democratic government. A la Jefferson. Here, too, Nazi policies diverged. What the Nazis came to understand is that we (Whites) function better with a strong government making firm decisions, dealing with crime and other social problems and leading the way to great achievements. George Lincoln Rockwell said it best in White Power: the five principles of Nazism are leadership, status, motherhood, territory, and biological integrity. So if you're arguing that Hitler and Jefferson would disagree, you win.
October Sun Films presents The Line in the Sand
Jewish Ethnocentrism and Racism
National Policy Institute
The Occidental Quarterly

Fox-News response
thanks for proving my point for me. I'll send all those other losers a link to this thread.

Want to see just how bigoted

Want to see just how bigoted Stormfront is?
Thy this Google search jews

Get a hobby. I guess news

Get a hobby. I guess news has to fit your skew or else you all would censor it. I would rather have them saying something you don't like than having you tell me what I can say and hear!