The Press have Picked it Up.


Hat tip to the eagle eyed Nosemonkey, who spotted this as it appeared in the Independent.

Britain's former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has defied the Foreign Office by publishing on the internet documents providing evidence that the British Government knowingly received information extracted by torture in the "war on terror".

Mr Murray, who publicly raised the issue of the usefulness of information obtained under torture before he was forced to leave his job last year, submitted his forthcoming book, Murder in Samarkand, to the Foreign Office for clearance. But the Foreign Office demanded that he remove references to two sensitive government documents, which undermine official denials, to show that Britain had been aware it was receiving information obtained by the Uzbek authorities through torture. Rather than submit to the gagging order Mr Murray decided to publish the material on the internet.

The first document published by Mr Murray contains the text of several telegrams that he sent to London from 2002 to 2004, warning that the information being passed on by the Uzbek security services was torture-tainted, and challenging MI6 claims that the information was nonetheless "useful". The second document is the text of a Foreign Office legal opinion which argues that the use by intelligence services of information extracted through torture is not a violation of the UN Convention Against Torture.

No mention of the hundreds of sites that have published, and no quotes from the documents though....

Chris-Floyd has set up a feed, scraping stories from the net about the torture documents.
It should be worth keeping an eye on.

I'm trying to get the NZ

I'm trying to get the NZ media to pick it up. Meanwhile, is there any stronger idea of how many sites have published the documents? How fast is this spreading?

It's been frontpaged at

It's been frontpaged at Dailykos

Got it on Scoop...

Got it on Scoop...

The word is out, lets see

The word is out, lets see what ensues.

There is now a post on the

There is now a post on the memos at

The Register's reporting:

The Register's reporting: