The Men Who Would be King - The McDonnell Meacher Face Off


BBC News are reporting that the gossip is Gordon Brown Supporters will 'ensure that there is another candidate on the ballot' for the Labour Leadership.

We have said before, McDonnell almost certainly can't win the election, but may well win the argument over the next 7 weeks, which would be disasterous for Brown. 

The joke that is Michael Meacher's candidacy however, would be an absolute gift for Brown.  With no credibility, no real support base and enough baggage to sink a battleship, Meacher is everything Brown would want in an opponent. 

The two leftwingers still hoping to mount a token challenge to Mr Brown for the leadership - Michael Meacher and John McDonnell - will meet today to see who has gathered more nominations. Mr Meacher is claiming 24 supporters. Mr McDonnell has not disclosed the number of MPs backing him, but his supporters have cast doubt on the firmness of Mr Meacher's numbers.

The two have agreed to hold a press conference this afternoon announcing which of them will go forward as the candidate of the left. There is no guarantee that either can secure the 45 nominations required to prevent Mr Brown being elected unopposed.

 So - expect the Meacher Ego to have an number of Brown supporters mysteriously appearing on his nomination list, just hope he hasn't got enough.