About BlairWatch


Motivations and Beginnings
We started in the run-up to the 2005 UK General Election, although we have been blogging elsewhere for some time. There were two main motivations:

1, We had become disillusioned with politics and the political system, despite being lifelong politics junkies/anoraks (please delete the less offensive term) and were becoming dangerously apathetic. Nevertheless we felt that most people weren't apathetic, but felt excluded. We wanted to communicate and connect with people and fight off our sense of powerlessness and despair.

2, We felt the election was going to provide the nation with a tidal wave of bullshit and someone had to provide an umbrella.

Funding Blairwatch
We have no advertisers or outside support. We're not highly paid, to put it mildly, but we support the site out of our own pocket. The nearest we get to any financial support is that if you sign up with Servage we get two months free hosting.

Who writes for Blairwatch?
Ringverse and quarsan are old friends and were the initial writers. Since then others have joined the core team. There was, and is, no system or procedure in place for joining the writing team, we just saw some consistent and interesting commenters and asked them to join. We've not asked other writers their political leanings or membership and we're not really looking for 'me too' types, but we can offer a space to interesting people who can add something extra.

What do we stand for?
A suprisingly tricky question to answer. There is no 'Blairwatch position' or stance, but what seems to be a common ground of wanting an open accountable government, electoral reform and so forth.

How do we make decisions?
Well, it has been said that we do have highly evolved evasive skills when it comes to decision time. Essentially there are few occasions where we have to make any. Each contributor is free to write on the subject of their choice and whenever they want.

When we have had to think about something, or make a decision, we send round an email to all contributors and ask for comments. So far we've found a consensus easy to obtain. We may have strong opinions but we're not obsessives or dogmatic and internal discussion has been pleasantly conducted.

Our Standards
Our success has made us think about what we write and how we write it. We try to work to serious journalistic standards, ie we check sources, research items and have a range of confidential contacts who act as unofficial advisors.

The Mainstream Media and Us
We don't see ourselves as being opposed to the established media and we have worked with them on stories, providing background material, interviews etc. We are trying to gain experience and understand how they work, even though some can be reluctant to give credit ; )

In the longer term we see blogs and progressive media working together.

The Future
Clearly Tony's on his way out but we will continue. Our job is not done and we would argue in a healthy democracy our job will need to continue. In a broken democracy it would be negligent for us to pack up shop when there's a new occupant in Downing St.

Brownwatch? Johnsonwatch? Cameronwatch?
We will have to have a think about the name, but I, personally, am in favour of keeping the name Blairwatch for two reasons:

1, People already know the name
2, We can change the strap line from Blairwatch - Cronicling the decline of the New Labour project to Blairwatch - A proud part of Tony's legacy.

Other Blairwatch contributors may feel differently - that Blairwatch would be outdated - and we could change names. We'll have a think and let you know the outcome.

Whoever is in power, we will be watching them. Thanks to bloggers, the surveillence society can work both ways.

You are, of course, the

You are, of course, the victim of your own success in the demise of Blair, and must be congratulated on that. However, and at risk of sounding like a trot mouthing off about the theory of permenant revoloution, I to beleive that you must continue in order to ensure that there will remain in place a group of dedicated people who will not be afraid to tell it as it is. I don't care what you want to call yourself, just keep doing it.

How very well written that

How very well written that is.

Which is precisley why I read more than I write.

My politics are a bit too black and white to comment to much. Me thinks.

A well written and argued

A well written and argued piece.
The name Blairwatch should continue least we forget a very sordid and shameful episode in politics in this country.
The poddle must not be allowed to retire off into the sunset and enjoy the ill gotten gains of his premiership.
He has done more to corrupt the morals of political life in this country than anyone before him. Shedding innocent blood in the pursuit of his discredited dogma.
Dragging this country down with him, till we are laughingly regarded as the 51st state.
He is quite frankly a criminal, and as such he should be made to pay for his crimes.
The campaign must go on until he is safely behind bars where he justly belongs.

put a PayPal or Amazon

put a PayPal or Amazon donations button as all the American blogs do, so that people who like what you do can toss in a quid or two.

I've very much enjoyed the

I've very much enjoyed the blog, and would like to see it continue, but I dont think you can carry on calling it Blairwatch. Maybe "BrownKnows". The subtitle I'm sure will still be relevant.

I suspect more and more strongly as time goes on that 'Blairism' is a misnomer, and it would better be called 'Brownism', ie that Blair has as little influence on British policy as Bush has on that of the US. Like Bush, Blair is essentially a weak character wanting someone to direct him.

So I dont foresee any real change in policy from Brown, though I'm sure he's working on something he can make a show of. Probably he was going to abolish Inheritance Tax till Byers spoiled it for him, leading to the hissy fit.

I'm sure Brown as PM will be as disastrous for Labour as Mandelson was as an MP (like wizards of Oz stepping out from behind their curtains). But a lot may come into the open, so fun for spectators.

Good people, although the

Good people, although the name Blairwatch is a fine and honourable one and should be retained, might I suggest you also style yourself 'The Blair Foundation'? This would give you the flexibility to evolve and/or broaden the brand, might helpfully disrupt Mr Tony's plans to morph himself into an elder statesman, and assign responsibility for the mess we're likely to face over the next couple of decades.

Please keep going after

Please keep going after Bliar.

As has already been pointed out on this thread Nu-Labour are not going to get much better after their commander in chief gets pushed out. In the absence of significant opposition from other parties and honest reporting from corporate media (Murdoch) there is a key role for emergent media such as yourselves in speaking out over issues Nu-Labour does not want discussed.
Non traditional media (or Web 2.0 media if you want buzzwords) is growing into a serious challenge to political and corporate control of voters. Technological changes are now starting to impact media in the same way they impacted the record industry. Blogs, indy news and news channels such as DemocracyNow.org are changing the models of broadcast and printed news media. We are moving through a paradigm shift in consumption of news which places the user in control of assembling their own 'channels'. RSS feeds are simply the thin end of this wedge.

As for the name Blairwatch I don't think the people of this country will forget Tony any faster than they are forgetting Thatcher, his legacy is assured but perhaps not the one he wanted.

One thing I would suggest is a master page (or set of pages) chronicling the History of Bliar, his policies and lies. This could link to the relevant blog posts and comments on each key item. This could provide not just an excellent resource for existing users to look up the previous versions of each major lie but also an excellent introduction to new viewers or researchers.

anon - the amazon or paypal

anon - the amazon or paypal is a nice idea, but thanks to servage our costs are only just over 5 quid a month and we'd probably spend the rest on hard women and soft drugs or something.

john lettice, AAAAARRRRRGGGH!

Perhaps soft women and hard

Perhaps soft women and hard drugs would be a better option quarsan?

we could even go for firm

we could even go for firm women and drugs, at a push ...

Well, I don't care what you

Well, I don't care what you call yourselves - just keep at it. It's been a very fine show so far and, let's face it, whichever party or person is in power we'll almost certainly be critical (and rightly).

As to funds, yes put up a Paypal or whatever button and I'll chip in, as will many others.

As for funds why not do some

As for funds why not do some BlairWatch merchandise?
T-Shirts or coffee mugs for example?
Run as a non profit org you could then donate any excess funds (after the firm wimmin and drugs) to a suitable cause, Amnesty, Brian Haw's legal defence etc...

Thanks for "About

Thanks for "About Blairwatch" - and for Blairwatch.
Count me a supporter.
Hope I'll see you in Manchester at the "Time To Go" demo on Sat

After Tony tumbles, I hope

After Tony tumbles, I hope to be able to blog the same about Bush here in the States.

And, yes, I think Bush will fall.

Proud to be associated with BlairWatch!

Yes - please DO keep going.

Yes - please DO keep going. We agree with Barnacle Bill - it IS important that politicians that commit treason are NOT allowed to wither off into "elder statesmanship" and reap the profits of their crimes into comfortable old age.

They MUST be brought to justice or the whole political system will continue to subside further into the sham it has already become.

The whole thing IS reversible and this can only be accomplished if sites like Blairwatch keep up the pressure and see things through to a just conclusion.

If the lovely Gordon wins

If the lovely Gordon wins the labour leadership then I suggest you change the site name to www.moneygrabbing-cudchewing-scottishbastardmpwithnobusinessinenglandsaffairs-watch.com

carry on carrying on! why

carry on carrying on!

why change the name from Blairwatch?
If tonee's legacy is anything, it is a name that will always be synonomous with bullshit, lies and spin - and not very convincing at that. b LIARs - what do all men of power want, more power?

yes, we need you to continue...

Don't know who `anonymous`

Don't know who `anonymous` was/is, but he's clearly some kind of whinger who, absent a cogent argument, decides that slagging of Gordie purely on the basis of being Scottish ranks as a rational argumentative point! Perhaps the moderators of Blairwatch should get in touch with `anonymous` to let him know that some pipsqueak with a marshmallow for a brain has hijacked his moniker with the obvious intent of dishonouring his noble standing in this community of ours.

Besides, any fule no that lying, warmongering, neoliberal political thugs can be found in all corners of the British Isles. If only the mighty `anonymous` had bothered to ackshully think about it.

And yes, I do happen to live in Glasgow, and one parent is scottish while the other is english. Get it? When Scots started whingeing on about Thatcher being an English PM lording it over Scotland they were for the most part Scot Nats, so what does that make `anonymous`?

Wot? Please clarify in

Wot? Please clarify in English.

I'll tell you what that

I'll tell you what that makes anonymous (and yes I was that anonymous) - that makes me fsking pissed that because of Scottish people voting for labour mps (when they bloody well should have known better) - that now /I/ am governed by a labour MP. Although Scotland now has its own parliament, they still get to define BRITISH policy. How can you think its right to have BOTH?

Are you aware that at the last election, more people in England voted conservative than voted labour?

If my brain is marshmallow, what does that make yours eh fuckwit?

correction - should have

correction - should have said governed by a Labour /PM/

May I suggest a suitably

May I suggest a suitably daft hieroglyphic titled 'the site formerly known as Blairwatch'..?

This is obviously an anti-

This is obviously an anti- Labour site. What you muppets don't appreciate is how obvious it is.
Dispite all of your assurances above it is clear that this site is generated by Tory Scum.
Why would anyone want to relive that bleak social experiment of the 1980's.

Yeah, who in their right

Yeah, who in their right mind would want to revive the bleak social experiment of the 1980's? Well, Neo Labour, or course. In fact they've both extended and deepened Thatcher's nauseaus reforms. Did Thatcher introduce tuition fee's and privatise the NHS? No, that bold task was left to her proud successors in the Labour Party. Neo Labour fully realise that they've nothing positive to offer the majority, their only policy now is to search desperately for a group of individuals uglier than they are, and scream, 'it could be worse, look at the BNP'. Yeah, look at them, and watch Neo-Labour out flank them to the right!

This is obviously an

This is obviously an anti-Labour site.

Tony Blair has nothing to do with 'Labour' as he clearly demonstarted by calling his project 'New Labour'.

Tony Blair is as far removed from socialism as Adolf Hitler was, and the similarities don't end there.

Why can you not see the only thing that this lot have in common with Labour is the word 'Labour' in the party name. It was all a massive deception on the British public to get a far-right wing government in place.

Today anti-Labour (i.e. Anti-New Labour) means anti-war, anti-privatisation, anti-rascitst, anti-fascist, anti-corruption, anti-lies, anti-zionist etc. etc.

So, Bill Gas, where's your

So, Bill Gas, where's your hard evidence of this 'Tory Scum'? Who exactly are they and how do you know their voting habits? But then again, with the degree of control that New Labour wants to exert on us all maybe you actually do have access to that private information....

As to social experiments, well just take a close look at the level of 'experimentation' manifested by this Government. How many changes to Cabinet members' responsibilities have their been in the last nine years. How many Home Secretaries, Education Ministers, Health Ministers etc etc? The only person who seems to have stayed in one job for that time - apart from the Blessed and Saintly Blair, of course - is Brown.

Each one of these clowns has breezed into their new jobs, issued countless new 'policies' and then bounced on to the next job without bearing any shred of responsibility for the calamitous shambles they have inflicted on us all. And this is without even any consideration of their personal probities - or the endless gravy train for their kith and kin.

Away with the lot of them. They are the true 'Scum'. Bring out the tumbrils...

Bill, you are obviously a

Bill, you are obviously a tit. What a muppet like you don't appreciate is how obvious it is. Corrupt Tories or corrupt Neo Labour, there is no difference. They are all scum.

You silly tit.

Blairwatch must remain,

Blairwatch must remain, indeed the nation must never forget this shameful bunch of venal, self seeking and mendacious people that came, went and all profited from being New Labour cabinet members, MPs or just one of the countless hangers on.

Blair's legacy? Not enough space to record his litany of disaster, mismanagement, waste and killing. Blair wanted a to set up a School of Government, Ias in the JFK School at Harvard (and very nice it is too, near the rowing club and staggerring distance of Grendell's pub). OK, imagine the scene, a new graduate turns up for an interview at YOUR place of work and whe asked which fine establishment he graduated from, informs the panel "The Tony Blair School of Government" ....."next please"

Well, I've been away for a while, so if I'm behind sorry. This Blog? It stays. I agree with an earlier comment, stick paypal up there and get some donations in. This site is the opposition! Keep it up.

me again, just apologising

me again, just apologising for the crappy spelling in my last comment

Please No Brownwatch; no

Please No Brownwatch; no Brown.John Richardson

That's "chronicling", not

That's "chronicling", not "cronicling".

Yes I second that. Keep

Yes I second that. Keep doing what your doing. Whats wierd is i cant remember how i fond this site. Just glad i did tho. Been visiting it for some time now.


How about changing the name

How about changing the name to Thatcherwatch or Hitlerwatch least we forget other very sordid and shameful episodes in politics

The Newfoundlanders commonly

The Newfoundlanders commonly referred to lawyers as "liars" for reasons which should be obvious. LiarWatch sounds better than BrownNosers somehow ( I know you meant Brown Knowers but it's far too close ! )

I fully support this web

I fully support this web site and wanted to add my voice to the growing calls to see Tony Blair brough tdown and brought to justice for what he has done to this country.

We have never had a more corrupt and morally bankrupt mal-administration in this country and it seems to me that a whole new generation of voters needs to be educated as to why Labour was kept in opposition for 18 long, glorious years.

As a Scot born and bred I can tell you that their record north of the border is as lamentable as it is in the south and I look forward to the destruction of the new labour project here as well.

As an aside, why are ardent SNP supporters so obsessed with Margaret Thatcher, a figure who has been out of office for almost 15 years now - their obsession with the past prevents them from looking at the present. A small minded, insular bunch who peddle the myth of independence but say nothing about their continued support of the European Union. Perhaps some wee SNP supporter can explain how we would be independent if we left the UK but remained within the clutches of the EU and at the mercy of unelected officials like Mandleson and Kinnock?

Anyway, that is an aside, the real focus remains on ousting Tony Blair, bringing him to justice and thereafter the complete and utter destruction of the failed New Labour project.

No more obsessed with Thatch

No more obsessed with Thatch than anyone else who had their political awakening in the 80s, on the right or left. I would assume that people 15-20 years younger than me will be similarly obsessed with Blair long after he's out of office.

Mean time, about independence in Europe - I believe the point is that we're already within those clutches, but if we want any changes made in Europe, we have to ask Tony very nicely to do something on our behalf. Which given the UK EU presidency debacle isn't a happy prospect, even when Scotland's interests on any given issue do co-incide with UK-wide priorities.

Of course, to the Eurosceptics out there (hi AndyMurr!), we'd just like to point out that we've been in the kind of Union that rides roughshod over our wishes, over-taxes our local industries to prefer foreign ones and removes our currency for 299 years now... and that until very recently didn't even have the level of democracy that the EU currently has. Come back and talk to us when you've caught up a bit.

Nice try wee man, but you

Nice try wee man, but you haven't answered the question regarding the European Union have you? No of course you haven't and that's because you haven't GOT an answer, have you?

Democracy in the EU? I don't recall there being any last time I checked. I didn't vote anyone into power over there and I sure as hell can't vote them out of power which after all is the principle of democracy, isn't it?

It's a simple question and as ever evasive nonsense and some crap about poor wee Scotland's fate at the hands of Westminster is all the Scottish Nationalists have to offer, same old story time and time again...drivel, utter drivel.

Cut the crap and just ANSWER the question, it's very simple........if you want independence for Scotland do you mean independence from Westminster or from the EU as well. If you answer "yes" and "no" respectively then you're not really talking independence now, are you...and therefore we have to assume, and rightly so, that all you're peddling here is another great lie......different colour and texture but same nauseating smell.

People who obsess over failed and long gone politicians are not the kind of people who are best placed to make reasoned judgements for what is best in the here and now.

Bitterness and resentment are awful crosses to bear, you have my sympathy.

p.s. don't forget to answer the question next time...

Andy Murr - cut the crap

Andy Murr - cut the crap mate.
Democracy in the EU - well, not much, but a little bit more than you'll find in the good old UK. The European Court of Human rights just about ensured a semblance of elementary democracy in the UK - particularly through the dark period of Thatcher's elective dictatorship.

When I refer to democracy, I'm referring to the real thing, you know, seperation of powers, freedom of speech, freedom from discrimination, equal rights for all (including travellers, gay people, single mothers and asylum seekers). All the things that both major UK parties have struggled against for so long.

Here's a straight answer for ya. Fuck Westminster. Scotland's better off in the EU.
What are we gonna miss..? Englands rentier capitalist class and the inbred Windsors? No thanks. Europe's democratic deficit might be wide, but it's narrower than the chasm between UK's failed state and its population.

There we go, nationalists

There we go, nationalists don't want REAL independence, they have no confidence for that; instead they just want handouts and subsidies from a different political master ...

Thanks for confirming what I have always known, your kind are just wee Scotlanders with deeply ingrained inferiority complexes and an irrational and racist attitudes to the english and you'd sell your souls (and your country if given a chance, which you won't be) to anyone if it meant getting money for nothing....

Speaking of money, don't you find it deepky worrying that the auditors of the EU's finances have yet again refused to sign off the accounts due to "irregularities"........in other words fraud and corruption.....

Independence? You'll never be given the chance to try, trust me on that!

Royal parasites.. Well, at

Royal parasites..

Well, at least the EU recognises theft as an irregularity. In England they call it the 'Civil List.' Maybe they need Prince Charles' skill as an accountant..?

at least the EU recognises

at least the EU recognises theft as an irregularity

Well, that makes it alright then doesn't it, corrupt and fraudulent unelected officials are just the people we want making laws and collecting taxes in Scotland and just think, we don't even have to go to the bother of voting because, well, we can't.....think how much time people like you will have to waste on the bingo and so forth....

First it was Westminster, then the Royal Family.........anyone but the real culprits eh?

Well, let me help you out a bit, here's a starter for ten:

1. New Labour

2. Scottish Parliament Building- ten times over budget, late and structurally flawed to the point of beign dangerous - do you really think the people who mis-managed this project are fit to lead a country, even one as small as Scotland?

3. MSP's - former local councillors who are totally out of their depth and psychologically unsuited to leadership on any level

4. Oil - it's going to run out and doesn't even come into the equation for a long term strategy for Scotland - don't even think about bringing it up

Truth is, you guys have nothing to go on except racism, inferiority complexes and a predictable inability to face the truth; it's much easier lay blame than take responsibility.

Scotland isn't independent because the majority don't want it and have no confidence in thse that do.


Wake up Andy Murr! Thanks

Wake up Andy Murr!
Thanks Andy, Here's the UK Tory Top Ten (almost)..

1. Corruption: Pergau Dam, Al-Yammanah, Arms to Iraq, Arms to Iran. Matrix Chruchill. Arms to Indonesian dictatorship, financial support for Contra terrorists, Support for Apartheid. Cost - unknown. Certainly more than EU fraud.

2. Oil: Plundering of North Sea Oil to finance bleak social experiment of 1980's. Squandering of public resources in the financing of dubious Arms deals and sweeteners for corporate donors.

3. M.P's: Former public school boys, totally unsuited to rational leadership roles, their characters forged in the bizarre homo-erotic atmosphere of Eton and Harrow. Incapable of logical analysis. They have squandered their formative years in sadistic sexual practices and superstitious worship of the Saxe-Coburgs.

4. The Royal Family: Shallow gene pool. Tax dodging reprobates with a penchant for expensive yachts, hotel suites etc. Wasteful and incompetent. Huge inferiority complex post Nasser. Both princes are sons of James Hewitt..!

Er.. that's it.

In one breath you say you

In one breath you say you don't have a problem with fraud, corruption and sexual scandals in the European Union and then in the next you almost exhaust yourself with a pitful shopping list of yesterday's old news from a party that hasn't been in office for nearly ten years.

What exactly are you trying to say here? Like all nationalists and labour supporters you have no defence against the truth and nothing original or useful to offer so instead you trot out tired old lists of irrelevant drivel and expect people to give a shit. Some news for you, we don't....

Whatever you say, whatever you do it doesn't matter, Tony Blair and New Labour are finished and Scotland will remain part of the UK because the majority don't want independence and (justifiably) have no confidence in those that do.

I see that Tony Blair, in a

I see that Tony Blair, in a last desperate bid to be remembered for something other than sleaze, corruption, an illegal war and a totally failed and discredited rump of a so-called government is to embark on a spin campaign to try to persuade us all to "love europe".

Honestly, you couldn't make this up....Tony Blair has been delusional for a long time but really serious questions must be asked now about the state of his mental health because to be honest only someone suffering from a personality disorder whould attempt such a pathetic gesture as this.

Also, the question has to be asked.........where, in a time when the nu labour "project" tries to tell us that money is non-existent for pensioners, teachers, nursees and doctors, do they find the budget for a multi-million pound propaganda campaign.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the cash for honours scandal continues and i am sure that very soon Met Police Chief John Yates will be knocking on the doors of No. 10 and the current (temporary) occupent will be invited to "help the police with their enquiries".

The New Labour "project" has failed and soon we will see those responsible brought to justice and prosecuted for their crimes against the country - let us hope Tony Bliar is at the top pof the list....

Andy Murr - get a grip me

Andy Murr - get a grip me old mucker...!

Of course I object to corruption - it's Britain's political establishment that live by it. I'm not dependent on corporate donors or the civil list. I don't think I ever mentioned sexual scandals, I certainly don't have an objection to those, just the hypocrisy of the perpetrators.

As for Blair and Neo Labour, let's hope the partys over. But that's hardly the point. New Labour are discredited and detested becasue of their advocacy of Tory policies - colonial wars, privitisation, regressive taxation, attacks on civil liberties, centralisation of executive power, etc..

I doubt very much that Scotland will remain part of the UK, Blair's squandering of his political capital in the quagmire of Iraq will probably spell the end of the Union. Most scots see Blair as Thatcher's heir, and that's bad news for unionists.

Anyway, I'm off to my Bingo now. Catch ya later Tory boy...

The Scottish Parliament,

The Scottish Parliament, MSPs and above all the arrogant, incompetent and utterley corrupt so-called Scottish Executive are detested and despised the length and breadth of Scotland and all the while these clowns are in office there isn't a hope in hell of the people allowing them any more power than they have already.

But to go back to your point, you're right, Blair and Nu Labour are detested north of the border and there is no appetite to cede any more of our freedoms to anyone whether they be at Westminster, Holyrood are Brussels, just isn't going to happen.

Of course you're welcome to come back here and try again but people aren't stupid, they know the truth and that is why Scots have never voted for independence, be it your version or anyone else's for that matter. It must be terribly frustrating for you being on the losing side for so long.

Thatcher.... you know, you really need to let go of the past and bring yourself up to speed on current events, try if you can, it may help you understand why the majority don't want and won't vote for, independence.

Mr. Murr - I suspect you're

Mr. Murr - I suspect you're deeply confused. The whole point is that Thatcher isn't 'the past.' I'll bring you up to speed right now. Think of this a message from somewhere you've not been for a while, Planet Earth.


Is there something you're having trouble understanding..? Do you object to Blair because he's killed a couple of million people in A war of aggression in Iraq, or because he's not a Tory? Do you seriously think people are worried about 'bogey man' Europe when our own government is commiting war crimes in the Middle East at the behest of an 'Enron Administration' in Washington. An administration that's corrupt way beyond Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels put together.

Please, I hope you're not one of these sad people who detets Blair because he's not a Tory; someone who would lap up the same vomit enthusiastically if it came from some pompous fool in a pinstripe suit and a blue tie..?

As for independence, the pressure will continue to grow while we have political conformity south of the border. I'll make it simple for you, because you're labouring under so many delusions



Is that it....is that your

Is that it....is that your best shot? Oh well, maybe someone will give you a few points for attendance and writing your name on the top of the page, lol.

Now, about independence, we've gone over this already. The EU is an undemocratic, corrupt and failed social experiement which no-one in Scotland or the UK as a whole wants, which is why no politician will ever risk holding an honest referendum on it.

Instead, the SNP try to sneak it under the table by calling it "independence" but of course we all know that closer political ties with the EU is not independence but capitulation and no-one in this country is going to agree to that. Scots rejected it yesterday, they reject it today and if anyone gets round to asking them they will reject it tomorrow as well. The issue is a dead duck and everyone knows it; "independence" as touted by the SNP isn't going to happen.....ever.

Try not to use capitals in your posts, it makes you look angry and desperate.

Murr - are you capable of

Murr - are you capable of responding to even elementary questions? Do you really think that that EU is more corrupt than the current regime in Washington? Do you imagine that it arouses the same contempt in the public mind as George Bush?

You seem unhealthily obsessed with Scottish independence to the exclusion of all other concerns. An idee fixe perhaps..? Have you sought professional help?

Can you respond, or are you a simple minded chauvinist with the intellectual capacity of a UKIP councillor? Or is that an overestimate of your lamentably limited capacities..?

Ah, no capitals in your last

Ah, no capitals in your last post, good, you're listening to me, finally.

The issue of corruption within the EU is just one of many reasons why voters in the UK will never vote for closer ties with Europe. Knowing this politicians will do all they can to prevent the electorate from being given a chance to put the issue to the vote.

The choice facing Scots is very simple and time and again they have given their answer, I'm sorry it's not one that you want to hear but it isn't going to change I'm afraid.

In your various rants you stumbled over the Royal Family, the Tories, the Republican Party in the USA and hurled various insults as well but in spite of it all you've singly failed to change anyone's mind have you? And you won't, and that's what's driving you insane with rage, isn't it?

We await your next insult with baited breath