Rachel's Stalker Apprehended


Via Iain Dale, the Oxford Mail reports that Felicity Lowde, perpetrator of a dreadful harassment campaign against Rachel North, has been nicked.  File the news under 'phew' rather than having any street parties, I think, the whole thing is a sad and sorry episode, really, and we can now look forward to seeing what the court decides to do with her.

[Felicity's blog was last updated yesterday, which tends to suggest that the story is accurate, since she usually managed to post some daily bilious drivel by now]

She is indeed now safely

She is indeed now safely tucked up in a cell and awaiting psychiatric reports and pre-sentencing reports, which is good, because hopefully she will be able to get some kind of treatment and help for whatever it is that drives her to carry on like this. She will be sentenced at the end of the month.


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