Podcast 3: Interview with Lieutenant Commander Steve Tatham, author and EX Royal Navy Spokesman

Our final Podcast from Doha is an extended interview with Lieutenant Commander Steve Tatham.
Steve was the Royal Navy Spokesman during the 2003 war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and is still a serving Officer in the Royal Navy.
However, it should be understood that he is speaking here in a personal capacity, and his views do not represent those of HMG, the MoD or the Royal Navy.

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Steve's book was published yesterday:
Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: The Coalition, Al Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion

Steve discusses both the book, al-Jazeera and his role as media spokesman for the Royal Navy in this interview, providing an insight into how things work on the 'the other side' of the media divide.

Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: The Coalition, Al Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion
Published in the United Kingdom by Hurst & Company
January 2006 ISBN 1850658110

Published in the USA by CASEMATE


Losing Arab Hearts and Minds is a riveting insider’s account of how the war behind the war for Iraq was waged. A combination of personal military experience and a comprehensive understanding of the modern media come together to shed new light on this most divisive of wars. It is fascinating to look again at what the press told you at the time – from the other side of the military curtain. Tatham has written a gripping first hand account of how the coalition planned, conducted and subsequently managed to lose the media war.’
-–Hugh Miles, author of Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World
A timely, insider’s account of how the military can lose the war of words.’
--Martin Bell, former war correspondent and independent MP
This is a rich and insightful book. Tatham is well versed in the general arguments about the media, news management and war, but also has a sharp eye for the details of briefing and story presentation, as well as for the frictions that developed between the American and British officials in charge.’
--Professor Fred Halliday. London School of Economics