Legal Challenge to Government as Pressure Grows for Independent 7/7 Enquiry

Survivors and relatives of the people killed in the July 7 th London bomb attacks have warned the Government that they will seek a Judicial Review into its continued refusal to grant an independent enquiry into the attacks.

They will outline their legal case in a letter, which will be presented to the Home Office at noon on Wednesday 15th August 2007. Read the letter in full here

Graham Foulkes, whose son David Foulkes, 22, was murdered at Edgware Rd said:
"We were very disappointed that the Government rejected our call for an independent enquiry. We believe that our country can only benefit from an independent investigation into the largest ever terrorist attack on mainland Britain."

He continued:
"There have been reports into the bombings. None of these have been independent. And as time has gone on it has become obvious that much of what we were told was untrue. For instance, we have gone from being told that the bombers were unknown to the authorities ("clean skins", as Charles Clarke, the then Home Secretary said in the wake of the bombings) to finding out through the "Crevice" trial that at least two of the bombers were known prior to July 7 th 2005 and that one of them, Mohammed Siddique Khan (the Edgware Road bomber) had been followed home by the authorities."

This concern has been supported by the Greater London Assembly who, on May 28 th 2007, passed a motion calling for an independent inquiry following the conviction of the Crevice Defendants "given the conflicting accounts of what happened in the months leading up to 7th July 2005".

The legal case for an enquiry rests on Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This requires the state to protect life and to undertake an independent and effective investigation of the issue if the article is breached. Even if the requirement to protect life was not breached, the Article allows for an enquiry because of the obvious need for public protection.

Rob Webb, whose sister Laura Webb, 29 was murdered at Edgware Rd said:
"The drip feed of information since the attacks probably doesn't give the whole story. But it is now clear that the security services knew far more about the bombers and the possibility of an attack than we had originally been led to believe. So the state looks to have breached its duty to protect life. We all – Government, Security Services, survivors, bereaved and of course the public at large, who remain at risk of terrorist plots, need to learn all we can about the 7/7 attacks. We need to know what could have been done to help prevent them and so help prevent innocent people from suffering the fate of all those who were caught up in the awful events of that day in July 2005."

Should the Government once again turn down the request for an independent investigation, the signatories of the letter will seek a Judicial Review into the decision.

Rob concluded:
"We don't wish to take our Government to Court. But we need to ensure that everything is done to prevent further attacks. We believe that an Independent investigation will help do that, which is why we are prepared to go to Court to ensure that one happens."
Petition for an inquiry here

Read the letter in full here

Here's why there will never

Here's why there will never be an independent investigation to 7/7 :-

  1. The 'Official Narrative' is a work of pure fiction that if proved to be false will  undo a lot of people.
  2. The day of the attacks was also the day the authorities had planned for an 'exercise' involving the bombing of the tube system. Just like on 9/11, what a (unbelievable) coincidence.
  3. At least two of the bombers were known MI5 assets who were taking part in the 'exercise', supposedly 'acting' the role of the bombers.
  4. Eye witnesses to the train explosions claim that the damage by the bombs indicated that HE was placed under the carriages rather than from a homemade bomb in a rucksack, floors blown upwards etc.
  5. All video from the transport system CCTV on that day has been withheld from the public, with the exception of one or two frames of the 'bombers' - what else may have been on those tapes?
  6. Finally, Independent Public Inquiries are a product of a free society and we are not in a free society.

7/7 was done for the same reasons as 9/11; to instill fear, remove civil liberties and turn the British people against Islam so that the resource wars in the M.E. and Central Asia can be prosecuted with minimum protest. This was the result of orders from Tony Blair, following the orders of his masters at PNAC and AIPAC.

Also Charles De Menenez was murdered by military personnel and not the Metropolitan Police as is always reported. Ian Blair is a patsy who has no idea of what really happened on that day.

Cressida Dick was awarded the Deputy Assistant Commissioner role for her willingness to accept that she was in command that day - what an utter joke, her profile is very similar to Ian Blair's -  big on academia and philosophy but useless at practical policing.

Is it really credible that such a serious operation as intercepting a suicide bomber on a mission would be left to the Met's CO19? They are trained in such things as royal, diplomatic and airport protection and certainly not anti-terrorist operations and assassinations. MI almost certainly did this.

Some information that the

Some information that the authorities had prior knowledge of the 7/7 attacks, they were tipping of visiting politicians (and AIPAC darlings) Benjamin Netanyahu and Rudolph Giulliani amongst others.

Not another *ucking

Not another *ucking enquiry?

What's the point. The death of Kelly was whitewashed, the cash-for-honours was dropped, MP's vote for their own pay rise but agianst an investigation into Iraq and WMD's, and the Lord Chancellor kills off the BAE corruption enquiry. What makes any thinking person believe we will ever get the truth from another public enquiry?

Whenever I see "Legal

Whenever I see "Legal Challenge to Government" my heart sinks, it should read "Government gives sufficient air time to aggrieved before burying them". You cannot but get the impression that our govt feels ideas like truth and justice mere legalese to be danced around whenever found inconvenient. Check out these two perps, Lord Falconer of Thoroton & Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, fuckwit names for greased eels in gimp outfits. Tyranny anyone?

Tell it as it is... "george

Tell it as it is... "george carlin nails it"...

I wonder which

I wonder which establishment stooge will be selected to run this particular whitewash?  Another superannuated idiot with a double barreled name, a noble title and recycled shit for brains. Can anyone over the age of 7 seriously imagine any inquiry objectively examining evidence of state collusion in a homeland terrorist atrocity?

Anyway, it's a cardinal principle of false flag operations to ensure 'plausible deniability' for key players. Operations on the scale of 7/7 are run by assets insulated from any kind of formal command structure. They don't get pager messages from MI5 HQ. They're just blissfully unaware patsys,  working in networks that were penetrated, compromised and taken over years ago.