Baghdad's Burning Updated

Riverbendblog is back with her first post since Saddam was hanged, and it doesn't make good reading.  In fact it's dreadfully depressing.

Let me clear it up for any moron with lingering doubts: It’s worse. It’s over. You lost. You lost the day your tanks rolled into Baghdad to the cheers of your imported, American-trained monkeys. You lost every single family whose home your soldiers violated. You lost every sane, red-blooded Iraqi when the Abu Ghraib pictures came out and verified your atrocities behind prison walls as well as the ones we see in our streets. You lost when you brought murderers, looters, gangsters and militia heads to power and hailed them as Iraq’s first democratic government. You lost when a gruesome execution was dubbed your biggest accomplishment. You lost the respect and reputation you once had. You lost more than 3000 troops. That is what you lost America. I hope the oil, at least, made it worthwhile. source

One to recall when the 'dreadful human rights abuses' in Iran are trotted out blandly by a man in a suit.

This, frankly, is a

This, frankly, is a disgrace. Its like the last days of the Roman Empire. We have become barbarians.

Appalling. I hope Blair

Appalling. I hope Blair reads it and ponders on his 'legacy'.

We are not living in normal

We are not living in normal times, nor living under a normal government. Which we should keep firmly in mind in the upcoming local elections - Labour under Blair is a vile aberration which must be confronted and defeated at every level. The local elections should be about everything this gang has done, not just local issues.

The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen...and stupidity.

trouble is we run the risk

trouble is we run the risk of getting a young old Etonian.
There's no hope!
Thank God for the 'Established' Civil Service!
There's no hope!

I suspect that the Blair

I suspect that the Blair psychology is not within the realms of most normal thinking folks understanding; moreover i challenge that this quote from Churchill is a very fitting epitaph for our glorious Tone. If he could ever be that honest!

"I think a curse should rest on me — because I love this war. I know it's smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment — and yet — I can't help it — I enjoy every second of it."

He isn't a "control freak" as he so quaintly puts it, he's a "power freak" upon whose deluded decisions millions have suffered a dreadful fate....

I cannot see how the man can even retain any sanity considering he has completely lost all personal integrity... The inner Tone world must be a scary/strange world indeed.

The quoted section is not

The quoted section is not sufficient. To understand why Riverbend has drawn these conclusions, it helps to read what has gone before it in the blog that caused her to be so disparaging: "The Rape of Sabrine", the bravest woman in Baghdad?

And no doubt Blair the war criminal will support the latest adventure, and continue to claim that the US, under Bush, is a force for good.

To me anyone left in the

To me anyone left in the labour party is just as responsible for all this as Blair. Labour you are all war mongering scum, anyone with a shread of decency would have left that party! If you ever again see anyone with a red rossette at elections or if they ever knock at your door or phone you up, then tell them what disgusting filth they are!