Blair: The Countdown Begins


Tony Blair will stand down on the 27th June.

He made the announcement in a speech to party activists in his Sedgefield constituency, after earlier briefing the Cabinet on his plans.

Now that Blair has made his announcement we can expect a plethora of eulogies to his time in office. The BBC has already started. As you'd expect, we have a few things to say about the Blair era. Our obituary to Blair will follow shortly.

Blairs Legacy in Iraq ISI -

Blairs Legacy in Iraq
ISI - Execution of 9 ING

Has Margaret Beckett broken

Has Margaret Beckett broken cover to say Nice Things About Tony on some safer-than-safe media sofas or is she still in her bunker?

He does like his prophetic

He does like his prophetic numbers doesn't he? It's 952days since he said he would resign from office. 27th of June - when he will resign - takes that number to 1000 days. Coincidence?