Seymour Hersh Interview With Democracy Now


There's an interesting interview on Democracy Now with Seymour Hersh which adds some flesh to some of the points about the recent violence in Lebanon that Tom alluded to earlier. Seymour Hersh is claiming that America, along with the Lebanese government led by Fouad Siniora has indirectly backed the Islamist Militant group Fatah al-Islam. These are claims he first made in March in an article in the New Yorker called The Redirection. He also debunks the claims made that Fatah al-Islam is backed by Syria or tied to al-Qaeda. Here's a quick excerpt:

The idea was to provide them with some arms and some money and some basic equipment so -- these are small units, a couple hundred people. There were three or four around the country given the same help covertly, the goal being they would be potential enemies of Hezbollah in case of warfare; in case Nasrallah decided to do something physical, get kinetic, in Lebanon, the Sunni Siniora government would have some very tough guys on its side, period. That’s the policy.

So, according to Sy Hersh the current episodes of violence are "unintended consequences". It's worth reading or watching the whole interview. For up-to-date and detailed information on what is happening, I recommend Tears For Lebanon.

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