Senior US Official Watch - Part 2, Moqtada al-Sadr

Moqtada al-Sadr, who's been lying low since the US 'surge' splurged onto the streets of Sadr City, has popped up again, alive and well and calling the US, UK and Israel rude names.  Par for the course, he's never likely to look favourably on people who tried to assassinate him.  The BBC's story on his resurgence contains yet another of those interesting snippets from 'senior officials', which are usually code for 'bollocks':

One senior US official described him as a highly unstable 33-year-old whose own aides often find hard to predict.

Yes, because al-Sadr's aides are always popping into the Green Zone for a cup of tea with senior US officials.  Actually, Sadr strikes me as pretty shrewd and intelligent - he would have to be to get where he is.  Unstable people don't do as well as he has, surviving under both Saddam and our tender loving care.

usually code for

usually code for 'bollocks'

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