Iran Bashing Update

Interesting snippet (via Blood and Treasure) to throw some light on the recent pathetic Iran bashing from the Guardian, Telegraph et al (on a related note, here's Joe Klein putting in for his membership of the 'Senior Official' club, for instance):

In a report sifting the evidence produced by US authorities against Iran, the independent think-tank Basic cast doubt on the strength of the intelligence, saying that proved links between the Tehran regime and militia inside Iraq remained "sketchy".

Given the close ties between Shia Muslim Iran and Iraq, which has a dominant Shia population in the south, the report warned of the dangers of conflating "legitimate acts of foreign relations and cross-border movements of people" with the alleged Iranian involvement in violence.

A think tank with something interesting to say, perhaps?  I'll read it, or you can [PDF].

Hmm, sounds a lampooning is

Hmm, sounds a lampooning is in order - could make up the name of a band, something like Alistair Campbell and The Senior Government Officials...only a bit snappier

So lessee, Campbell on vocals, Ed Balls on kazoo, Bernie Ingham on tuba....

And a one, and a two, and a three....