Wolfowitz II


So George Bush has generously selected a new President of the World Bank for us (subject to the formality of the Bank's Board of Directors approving him). He is Robert Zoellick. I wasn't that familiar with him so I was looking him up when I found that Lenin's Tomb has already  thoughtfully provided us with everything we need to know about him. He certainly ticks all the right boxes:

Member of PNAC Check
Consultant to Enron Check
Believer in American hegemony Check
Breathtaking arrogance and insensitivity

We can safely assume that the reputation and integrity of the World Bank will continue as it did before Wolfowitz's little indiscretions. Meet the new boss  etc...

Off topic, I admit, but you

Off topic, I admit, but you might be interested in this as a story.

Last Wednesday troops of the American Mercenary Company Blackwater became involved in a furious firefight with troops from the Iraqi Interior Ministry after they had shot an Interior Ministry driver. Anger within the Interior Ministry is reported to have been particularly high. The fight, in the middle of Baghdad, was only broken up by the arrival of American Army helicopters.


Yesterday 4 British mercenaries were brazenly kidnapped from the Iraqi Finance Ministry by a highly professional-looking outfit of Iraqi police. "The Finance Minister is a prominent Shi'ite, Bayan Jabr Solagh. What is more, he's the former Interior Minister under whose watch the Iraqi police was thoroughly infiltrated by Shi'ite militias."


Is the second incident payback for the first?

(It is also rumoured there are ongoing stand-offs between Blackwater and the Iraqi government, specifically the Interior Ministry, over Blackwater's refusal to apply for a licence from the Iraqis to operate. Two British mercenary firms have received licences).

On Wolfowitz, I still think

On Wolfowitz, I still think this is the best comment:

Bush Names Wolfowitz President of al-Qaeda

Hopes to Undermine Terror Network

In a bold move to undermine the international terror network, President George W. Bush today named former deputy defense secretary and World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz to be the new president of al-Qaeda.

Mr. Wolfowitz, who has no experience running an international terror organization, struck many Washington insiders as an unlikely choice for the al-Qaeda job.

But in a White House ceremony introducing his nominee for the top terror post, President Bush indicated that Mr. Wolfowitz’s role in planning the war in Iraq and bringing scandal to the World Bank showed that he was “just the man” to bring chaos and disorder to al-Qaeda.

“I’ve seen Paul Wolfowitz in action,” said Mr. Bush, a beaming Mr. Wolfowitz at his side. “If anyone can mess up al-Qaeda, it’s this guy.”

Several key details in the president’s plan still need to be worked out, such as how exactly Mr. Wolfowitz will infiltrate al-Qaeda and rise to the top position in its ranks.

“Al-Qaeda closely screens all of its top officers,” said Hassan El-Medfaii, head of the terror network’s human resources department. “It’s not like the Defense Department or the World Bank.”

Even if he ascends to its top post, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Wolfowitz will be happy at al-Qaeda, according to Professor Davis Logsdon, chairman of the Wolfowitz Studies Department at the University of Minnesota.

“Al-Qaeda is not like the World Bank,” Professor Logsdon said. “For one thing, it’s much harder to meet girls there.”

Elsewhere, former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp was released from jail, raising fears that he might start recording again.


Off topic, I admit... Don't

Off topic, I admit...

Don't worry about it. Blairwatch always likes to select the most trivial of gripes while the world teeters on the edge.

The trouble is anything to do with 911 and the world it has created isn't welcome. As is focusing on the Zionists that started the whole thing off in the first place.

Makes me wonder who is running this site.



Surprised you guys didn't

Surprised you guys didn't spot this exchange in the Lords:

Lord Dykes:  My Lords, with the world appetite for neocons somewhat limited at the moment, to say the least, that might rule out Mr Tony Blair. Will the Minister reassure us that the Government will work carefully with leading countries and others overtime to secure someone who will give real priorityto third-world interests and internal management modernisation of the World Bank?

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (Baronesses in Waiting, HM Household): My Lords, the Government believe that the next president must be appointed on merit and should have a strong commitment to development. He or she must be a proven manager. As noble Lords may know, we made it clear in our White Paper on international development last year that the practice of picking the heads of the World Bank and IMF based on nationality should end and that they should be chosen on merit.

Lord Hamilton of Epsom (Conservative): My Lords, does the Minister accept that the Prime Minister on his retirement is completely ruled out of being president of the World Bank because the money is not good enough?

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon: My Lords, that is a little below the belt.

The Guardian is at it again.

The Guardian is at it again. This time reporting on how al-CIAda is going to attack the US, but this time it will be worse than 911. My favorite line is "Wearing a white robe and a turban". Blatant  cranking up of public opinion to expect a second 911 soon.

My money is on a dirty bomb made with enriched uranium from Iran and thanks to "senior US officials" we now know that Iran is supporting al-CIAda. QED.

Democracy in

Democracy in action:-

Baroness Northover(Liberal Democrat)

My Lords, the Prime Minister's name has come up in this context (president of World Bank), and the EU is a larger contributor to the World Bank than is America. However, would it not be a bit rich if he were nominated, given the Government's track record on BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia and, in particular, the current police investigation into cash for honors?

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (Baronesses in Waiting, HM Household)

My Lords, that is not worthy of an Answer.


Good grief, "not worthy of an answer".  They really don't like it when the truth and their hypocrisy is so glaringly obvious do they?

Zoellick known as 'the GM

Zoellick known as 'the GM food bully ' while US Trade Sec.  


Also ... is one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Bush (Jr) Administration who advocated invading Iraq and occupying a portion of the country in order to set up setting up a Vichy-style puppet government. He consistently advocated bombing Iraq.     Quite unlike Wolfie.

On my speculation about who

On my speculation about who abducted the British mercenaries in Baghdad, Patrick Cockburn was on the Beeb earlier today saying his money was on the Mehdi Army - so that probably knocks my theory on the head.

Things are sure getting

Things are sure getting weird out there in virtual reality world, aka mainstream media.

The story of the al-CIAda video taped warning that the Guardian ran earlier is the work of a former Mossad agent. Now please tell me it's not true... someone... anyone?


It's not true, it's not

It's not true, it's not true, Catatonic... Well, ok then it might be!

Here is this and much much more from Xymphora:

Gadahn has become a cause célèbre for the American right, a made-to-order American traitor from central casting.  What if he really was manufactured?  His confused background, with a detour through heavy metal, his moving in with his grandparents (grandfather on the ADL board), his rare internet essay anachronistically written from a Zionist perspective and not the perspective of the American government in 1995 (as if the Zionists had already written the post-September 11 script), his immediate ‘conversion’ to Islam and association with ‘radical’ Muslims – it’s all just a bit too contrived.  We have seen other examples of how Israel has infiltrated Islamist organizations (most recently in Lebanon).  Have the Zionists infiltrated al Qaeda at its highest levels?  Or is it more accurate to look at al Qaeda as a ‘false flag’ Zionist organization?

I'm not sure he was a hardcore Jewish Zionist or Mossad agent though. But stranger things have happened.


Al Qaeda is a fake terrorist

Al Qaeda is a fake terrorist organisation created by the CIA and Mossad.  Have a look at the still picture in this CNN report  taken from a video of Al Zawahiri, who is supposed to be Osama's right hand man. One can clearly see the Star of David on the curtain behind him, a little 'joke' for those in the know perhaps?

CIA Headquarters, Langley,

CIA Headquarters, Langley, Israel Liaison Section, Sometime In The Early 1990s:

A: [heavy Texan] This fake Islamic extremist terror scheme is going really well, Simon.  Soon we will indeed be the masters of the Middle East
S: [stage Jewish] Yes, but you know what's missing already?
A: No?  We've covered all the bases, no one will think it's us.
S: But I'm concerned that in about fifteen years time, unless we put tiny Stars of David everywhere, it will be impossible for schmucks with too much time on their hands to blow the gaff on the whole operation.
A: You're right!  We must subvert our entire expensively assembled operation immediately!  Send out the word!

One can clearly see the Star

One can clearly see the Star of David on the curtain behind him, a little 'joke' for those in the know perhaps?

Yeah, open the curtain an you'll  see Bush, Blair and Bono cavorting in the background, Levy taking the cheques and Prescott posing as some sort of terrifying passion beast.

Nothing surprises me any more. Well, maybe one thing would: Honesty and accountability from politicians.

I do generally avoid

I do generally avoid television at all costs, but I did catch a BBC “News” report on the (so called) Iraq/Iran connection, where it was stated. Quote: “Violence has been reduced in Iraq since the surge” along with a mention of supposed 81mm Iranian mortar found earlier this year.

This is a disturbing but not unusual trend. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this sort of rhetoric is that we are being groomed for a future confrontation with Iran. For which warmongering Brown and Cameron have already pledged full support.

And no doubt there will be further reduction of our civil liberties...


With no end in sight.