Shortest Suicide Note In History?

It's always nice when people announce themselves as being the future of Blairism - we know where to aim at then.  This time it's George Osborne and the Tories, who appear to have taken leave of such senses as they ever possessed.  Stop for a minute and reflect on a party reacting to the perceptible and inevitable rise in Labour fortunes after the 'resignation' of Tony Blair by announcing that they're going to be more like Blair than the other guy.  Hey, George and Dave, people largely distrust and dislike Tony Blair for his permanent and damaging reforming of public services, devotion to privatisation and pro-war policies.  I'm not sure we're necessarily going to be cheering like mad for you if you're essentially offering the same shit, warmed over.

Radio 4's World at One had

Radio 4's World at One had an article on this. Politea's Dr Sheila Lawlor twice said that Blair's policies were conservative. She meant it as of the Conservative party.

Well done, Ozzy. You've just

Well done, Ozzy. You've just secured another term for Neo Labour, sure to be even more fascist than today's. You 'king to**er.

Oh no, because the tories

Oh no, because the tories would be much better!
As Cameron helpfully reminded us, it's like choosing between Bill and Ben     

Politea's Dr Sheila Lawlor

Politea's Dr Sheila Lawlor twice said that Blair's policies were conservativ

She's not a bloody doctor, is she?  Listening to her just reinforced again that there's no idiot like a Tory idiot.  Mind you, she's got a reasonably impressive body of work out there, so perhaps I misjudged her.  There's an excellent FT piece by her attacking the Government's plans for teaching non-science to under-16s, for instance, which I find it hard to disagree with.

As for not-very-gorgeous-George, think about this - the Tories know as well as you or I that the way back to power lies through creaming back the middle class who went Labour in 1997.  Their wonks must presumably think that they're all desperate for more New Labour, but in imitation form.  No wonder Justin McKeating thinks Osborne's been at the mind-altering substances.  It's like watching Coca-Cola taken on by the purveyors of those strange brown colas you used to find in local newsagents.

For a very funny video of

For a very funny video of Brown and Blue Labour's complete inability to cope with changing realities, visit: now.



You start to wonder if any

You start to wonder if any of our politicians actually go out into the real world and talk to people at large.They spend too much time with others of their own ilk,all with their heads up their own backsides of self importance.

Camreon/Osborne need to get out more and listen.I actually have a premonition that by the next election they will not be in charge and Davis/Hague will be leading.