Blue Labour Go For Murdoch Man

As the next step in their exciting quest to be the New New Labour ('Newer!  Bluer!  Thicker!), the Tories have ticked another couple of boxes with the appointment of Andy Coulson as their Director of Communications.  Coulson, last seen exiting the editorship of the News of the Screws (prop: R. Murdoch) at a rate of knots after a bugging scandal, is seemingly their answer to Alastair Campbell, ten years late.  Despite this, they deny anything of the sort, but if it quacks like an ex-tabloid journo turned spin doctor and looks like an ex-tabloid journo turned spin doctor, then it's Campbell 2 and they shouldn't try and deny it.

For any UK political hopeful this has the exciting twin effect of getting Murdoch and the tabloids where they should be in modern, go-ahead Britain - right at the heart of the important business of political presentation, but the rest of us can be excused a sense of enraged bafflement as to why the Tories should continue to trade under the banner 'Official Opposition' without a Trades Descriptions case being brought.

Plus ca change, plus ce sont les bastards as usual.

This is actually quite a

This is actually quite a nice shortcut in our political process which should save a lot of wasted time and effort for those few MPs who try and do what the people who voted for them want and get Whip-ped for their troubles.
As the News of the World writes all criminal justice policy for Nu-Labour anyway why not have their editor submit it directly and save the party leaders that embarrasing lag time as they change their policy statements to match this mornings bog roll...

Anymore of this and my "fuck

Anymore of this and my "fuck off labour" vote will be going elsewhere.

My god this site is dull.

My god this site is dull.

Where will your vote be

Where will your vote be going?

I'm interested.

Where will your vote be

Where will your vote be going?

Good question Huntingbears. I haven't voted for over 28 years now. I learnt my lesson then, when  for some insane reason I voted for the 'evil witch'.

 The sword of Damocles has hung constantly over my left hand (the one that wrote the X) ever since that fateful day.

That was the end for me, it was a turning point in political history, the end of Democracy and the arrival of FASCISM as the only one true politic. No matter who you vote for you get the same medicine, so why bother. It only goes to inflate the ego of the FASCIST git polticians, if there is a high turnout.

 The late 70's were far enough away from the tyranny of Hitler, and low and behold, they think he was not so bad afterall, his legacy rules the EU today, believe it or not.

Is Coulson still Murdoch's

Is Coulson still Murdoch's man?

You could argue that this appointment is as much about Murdoch's strategy as Cameron's...

This site is pathetic.

This site is pathetic. what's the point?

Support the boycott of

Support the boycott of Israel. The genocidal nation that ignores all international laws, illegally occupies and steals other peoples land and daily commits crimes against humanity, including the murder of children.

Israel has ignored every single one of the 700+ UN resolutions passed against it. It's time to act against the criminal regime. Don't repeat the mistakes of the onlookers to the Nazi atrocities.

Support the boycott of Israel

Whats happening here? No new

Whats happening here? No new articles since 31st may. Oh well, shall just have to continue with commentary regardless. Just saw John `Crusher` Reid on BBC puffing on about his yearning, desperate, gagging4it need for newer, harder, crushinger anti-terror laws. So what can we expect from the Crusher? At an imaginary press conference in my head, he gave us those anti-terror laws in full:

1) Everyone in the UK to be electronically tagged, and tracked with the new Blaironic Geostationary Satellite; any resemblance to the videogame The Sims will be purely coincidental'

2) Every home, office and workplace to be bugged and wired up to a national listening post run by the Department of Cuddly Buzzwords - motto "Spying On You Because We Love You."

3) ID cards will not just be compulsory but also superglued to your wrist

4) Er...

5) Wish that was it....

6) But it probably isnt...

Let's face it George Orwell

Let's face it George Orwell was nothing less than 100% correct in his book 1984. He must surely be the new Nostradamus. The amazing accuracy of his predictions since the actual year 1984 are unbelievable. Eternal war has its benefits for a totalitarian regime everything was and is blamed on the war.

 On a lighter note I think watching Yes Minister the Christmas Special called PARTY GAMES is of interest today it goes into the Freedom of Information debate and how to place someone in the job of Prime Minister that you could think it was written with knowledge of todays Westminster fiasco.