Labour Fundraising

Newsnight are saying that they have a big and surprising story on this, tonight 10:30 BBC2 - unless the Queen objects ; )

And which particular Queen

And which particular Queen are we discussing here?

Yeah...Tony or Peter M

Yeah...Tony or Peter M or....


"This ain't Rock'n'Roll - This Is Genocide". - David Bowie.

Eh ba gum ecky thump, what

Eh ba gum ecky thump, what happened to the days when the Old Labour Party survived on what it got from the odd couple of bob that was thrown in the pot on the bar at the local working mens club in every town and village in their strongholds.

They are spending too much time today up the arse of capitalism (Fascism), so I guess they can't entertain with a couple of pints of ale and a pie.  

Dus ta think th'art

Dus ta think th'art reight?  Th'art bahn to find art whot yon Brahn chap's med on. An it's moastly that stuff at cums art o' old Giles' bull's arse.m