One Out, All Out


One of the big predictions of the Right when New Labour came in was that some day the mask of Thatcherite copycatting would slip and the cloven hoof of unburied dead, rubbish in the streets and mass walkouts would return.  I don't like to give the bastards too much credit, but New Labour forcing (through indifference, incompetence and Gordon Brown's meanness when it comes to public sector pay) the prison officers out on strike does fit the pattern rather.  The slight difference is that the strike is illegal and the reason that it's illegal is that the Conservatives banned prison officers from striking, a position confirmed by that leading light of Socialism and defender of liberty David Blunkett (although of course he
spun it as giving them back their right to strike).

"Colin Moses has made it clear that he wants an entirely different relationship, both with the management in the prison service and with the government," he told BBC Radio 4's the World at One.

"There's been a realisation that knocking bells out of each other really doesn't help."

Mr Blunkett admitted the new "partnership approach" would look "very odd" from the outside, but it was "actually for the best of outcomes".

It really is outstanding how Blunkett's legacy is the opposite of what he intended.

Incidentally, since this is important, the course of events seems to be this (derived from Hansard):

* 1994 - Conservatives outlaw industrial action in prisons in Section 127 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.  Labour's shadow Home Secretary, one T. Blair, writes to complain.
* 1997 - Labour elected on manifesto including a promise to repeal Section 127
* 2001 - a voluntary agreement is signed where the POA promise not to strike
* 2003 - Blunkett gets a lot of credit for his announcement, thought to take about 9 months to implement
* 2004 - the voluntary agreement is ended in anticipation
* 2005 - a Regulatory Reform Order is made to suspend Section 127

However, there's a gotcha in here (isn't there always?).  The suspension is only conditional on the POA and Government having a legally-enforceable voluntary agreement.  Here's the money quote:

In the event of the POA giving notice to terminate the legally enforceable collective agreement in circumstances where further agreement was not possible, the Secretary of State would seek during the 12-month period of notice of withdrawal from the agreement to reapply Section 127 through primary legislation.

In other words, the prison officers have full union rights on condition that they don't use them!  How wonderfully New Labour.  It's not the 70s coming back after all, it's business as usual, screwing the workers.  Further evidence for this comes in the revelation that after representations from private prison operators, Section 127 was kept in force for their benefit.

All legislation designed to

All legislation designed to supposedly protect the ordinary law abiding citizen, is there only to look good on paper. The proof of the pudding is when you come to invoke your rights within that legislation.

 A classic example of this is the SHAM EU Treaty (Constitution). Any rights within it are only applicable to criminals, and of course the upper echelons of society. There is no way that an ordinary citizen, with a perfectly justifiable case, can get past their own domestic legislation and courts if the authorities do not want it. The qualification for being able to invoke your rights under the EU piece of SHIT, is that you must have been through the (IN)COMPETENT National court system, and guess what they block anyone they don't want furthering a case by the use of such things as time limits and of course bad legal advice.

 The EU at the level of Barroso is only too happy to allow NAZI legislation to be used for such purposes in Germany, so you can guess that anything goes anywhere else in the EU. Mr. Barroso thinks it is possible to walk 91kms to work and carry out a 12hr+ shift then walk home 91kms. What is the level of his intelligence, if he thinks that is a reasonable verdict from a COMPETENT court? I am still looking for anyone who can carry out this task over 200 times per year.

 If anyone wants to read the forerunner of the SHIT new EU Treaty, they should read the Treaty of Amsterdam. This Treaty rabbits on about all Member States being truly Democratic, and willing to uphold the rights of the individual, and lots more of the usual B--l--ks you expect.

 No matter how overpowering the evidence is, the EU will not take action against a Member State they refer the individual back to the (IN)COMPETENT National court system.  

Typical of Gordon Brown and

Typical of Gordon Brown and New Labour. They're on wonderful salaries with well above inflation pay rises which they vote for themselves.  They don't appear to have money worries (Tessa Jowell wasn't surprised when her mortgage appeared to have been paid off). Prescott was coining it in for himself yet still managed to scrounge the grace and favour mansion with extras, the parasite. Yet stuff the poor, the very people the Labour Party was founded for. Gordon Brown is just as much of a phoney as Blair but with less charm.  There is no social mobility in the UK and Labour couldn't give a fuck.

I can't believe so many unions still finance the Labour party when the Labour Party continues to shaft working people and the poor. How corrupt is that.

"How corrupt is that." New

"How corrupt is that."

New Labour are corrupt right down to their very souls. This man would have got all this if there had not been a change from a New Labour council to a SNP-Liberal Democrat coalition. The question is how many more around the country have got away with it...

"No payoff for council executive"
 A council chief executive who helped devise his own £300,000 redundancy payoff has resigned.
"East Lothian Council said John Lindsay, 60, will now retire from his position at the end of September without receiving any redundancy payments."

The new council has now scrapped the deal and Mr Lindsay will only receive his statutory retirement payments.

The move follows a controversy that began in February when the council agreed to award Mr Lindsay a one-off redundancy payment of £149,000 and retirement lump-sum of £155,000 on top of his pension of £55,000 a year.

"MPs vote themselves pension rise"...

Members of Parliament are earning record amounts of money outside the House of Commons from taking up lucrative directorships in the corporate sector, an Observer investigation can reveal.
What else do they get upto? we will never know?.

Nick Raynsford - Register

Nick Raynsford - Register history

MP's page
1. Remunerated directorships
Chairman (with effect from 8 June 2006), Construction Industry Council. The CIC is an umbrella body for professionals and consultants in the construction industry.
Chairman, NHBC Foundation, a body which oversees the NHBC's research programme on matters of relevance to the housebuilding industry and the UK housebuilding market.
Rockpools (non-executive); company specialising in executive recruitment and development.
Hometrack (non-executive); an organisation providing valuation and related services in the housing market.

Hold on Nick Raynsford joined the Government in 1997 and held responsibility for housing, planning and construction as well as being Minister for London. Was Minister for Local and Regional Government in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister from 2001 to 2005. Left the Government after the 2005 General Election.

Is also a Non-executive Director of Hometrack. Has an interest in a company that will do these the new home information packs?.

Does anyone know who came up with the idea of home information packs in the first place?. Could it have been Nick Raynsford?.

Taken from Jonathan Wallace

Taken from Jonathan Wallace web site, Sunday, May 13, 2007...

"Alan Milburn MP - not sweet enough."

"Former socialist and now ultra new Labour MP for Darlington Alan Milburn has landed himself a sweet new job as salesman for junk food and sugar consuming international giant Pepsi."

"Whilst no one in their right mind would normally want to follow the career of this sugary socialist, I am prepared to make an exception on this occasion to take a look at what Mr Milburn has said about sugar and junk food in the past."

"Blair buddy Mr Milburn was Health Secretary before leaving government to spend more time with his family. In 2003 he warned, "Worldwide, mass-marketing of foods and drink high in calories, fat and sugar is replacing traditional diets rich in fruit and vegetables."

"I hope Ministers will take swift action to remove fast food, soft drink and confectionery machines from all schools."

"In 2002, he told the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, in London: "Healthy eating could reduce by one-fifth deaths from cancer, stroke and heart disease."

"Quite how all this sits alongside his new role as a sugary drink salesman is not clear but just for information, a 500 ml bottle of Pepsi contains 55g of sugar."

"Perhaps a spoon full of sugar helps the consultancies go down!"

If anyone needed proof that

If anyone needed proof that politicians are not running the country then one merely has to look at their attendance records and 'interests', a.k.a. other jobs, that these people hold. They are not representing anyone other than themselves and their paymasters. This is how democracy was stolen from the people and it will never come back.

The UK is a single party state, the real question is what is its purpose? Certainly not the welfare of it's population.

"Gordon Brown's meanness

"Gordon Brown's meanness when it comes to public sector pay"...

"City bonuses have increased by 30% to a record £14bn this year. The rise is twice as big as in 2006 and likely to exacerbate the widening gap between executive and shop-floor pay. The bonuses come against a background of record debt, rising bankruptcies and home repossessions."

"The majority of the £14.1bn will have been earned by a few at the top of the City tree pulling in hundreds of thousands or even millions in spring bonuses at the end of a year which saw growth in the City account for more than half of all growth in the economy."

"Worldwide, 688 yachts measuring more than 80ft were launched and there will be 250 more this year.",,2157247,00.html

"Under Brown's tax regime the Tax Justice Campaign estimates that every year between £90 billion and £150 billion is not collected as a result of tax avoidance and new figures published today report that nearly one third of companies are not paying any corporation tax at all."

"Angry at the super rich getting richer when we still have 100,000 of our families homeless, when 3 million of our children and 2 million of our pensioners still live in poverty and furious that the Government denies treatment costing  £2.50 a day to Alzheimers sufferers when we learn that city bonuses have meant that there is a 5 year waiting list for Rolls Royces and the super rich are experiencing the trauma of not being able to recruit sufficient crew for their yachts."

I work with in the prison

I work with in the prison serice and morale has never been lower. Screwed with an "independant" pay review body and a government that doesn't uphold their reccommendations.

Along with staff being owed thousands of hours of TOIL, (unpaid overtime but since 1987 we haven't been able to call it overtime) and no chance of getting it back.

Overcrowded prisons which are becoming no more than holding places with offending behaviour programmes faltering.

The service is in crisis, but will Labour listen, i don't think so.

Don't worry, but the majority of people who will be released, will be no better and their coming to an estate near you!!!!