US Troop Deaths Comparison 2006/7 - for Juan Cole

As an avid reader of Juan Cole's blog, I'm pleased to help him by putting up a graph of his data on US troop fatalities in Iraq, which shows that 2007, in all respects, is worse for the poor bloody US serviceman than 2006.

US Troop Fatalities 2006/7

I'll put a fiver on the sharp drop in March 2006 being spun by someone as evidence of Iraq turning the corner...

The drop in US fatalities in

The drop in US fatalities in March 2006 could be due to the baddies all having block leave, before it gets too hot to go on holiday in that region, just a thought.

 I hear that General Dannett has said that UK troops could be in Afghanistan for a generation. Does that mean that we are all going to live as long as Medusa? 

"The Bush White House is

"The Bush White House is preparing to ask Congress to approve another $50 billion to continue funding the escalation of the war against the people of Iraq well into 2008, according to a report published Wednesday in the Washington Post."...

Cost of War...

"Earlier this month, the Bush administration announced new standards that will govern the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The changes, intended to safeguard the profit interests of private insurers and cut a significant government-subsidized healthcare program, will have a devastating effect on children throughout the country."...

"President Bush made clear in remarks on Friday that there would be no comprehensive program to aid the millions of American homeowners who have already lost their homes or are at risk of foreclosure due to the collapsing US housing market."...


And as for the British? 

And as for the British?  Fatality rates have tripled since the start of the year and total casualties for 2007 are now over 1,200.  Combat casualties were averaging just over 10 /month in June 2006 but have steadily increased to reach over 40/month in June this year.

 The reality is that the year on year deterioration for us has been even more dramatic.

"...the poor bloody US

"...the poor bloody US serviceman..."

you mean these guys? Yeah. my heart bleeds for 'em... FOOL!

Due to the way the

Due to the way the fatalities are counted the numbers are nonsense. If a soldier gets shot, and dies in hospital two days later that is not considered in the numbers because he 'didn't die in combat'.

Last year over 300 US soldier were killed when their transport plane crashed - it was not on the news due to a blackout, or included in the figures because it was an 'accident'.

One estimate is that there have been 35,000 US service men and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. This all make perfect sense of the US government's refusal to allow news agencies to report on the transport planes that daily bring back the corpses.The only images of these coffin laden planes have been sneaked out by US military personnel who are disgusted at the government's attempt to hide the true casualty rate, much as they do about Iraqi civilians.

American soldiers committed

American soldiers committed suicide last year at the highest rate in 26 years...

Those figures do not include

Those figures do not include the contractors' (mercenaries operated as a private army to avoid 'legal problems') fatalities, whose number in Iraq is 100,000.

This equals that of the number of US combat soldiers. These, and the Marines are the guys who commit the real atrocities and probably account for the vast majority of  car-bombs and genocidal activities that are stoking the flames of the much desired (by Washington and London at least) 'sectarian war'.

Look at some pictures of the way these guys are dressed and the vehicles they drive around in and see if you can spot the difference between them and the so called insurgents. Also, remember the two SAS guys that got caught red-handed with a car-bomb by the Iraqi police at a road-block in Basra? Exactly the same M.O. and dress sense as the contractors. Shame on the SAS. Cowardly murderers of women and children. Who Dares Wins?

Don't forget now y'all - support the troops. After all they are fighting for freedom,democracy and of course, most importantly, the Iraqi people.

Doesn't it want to make you puke, pull your hair out and get angry? No? Thought not, business as usual then? Mum's the word.

I feel it's not quite right

I feel it's not quite right to draw a "squiggle of best fit" through the points. After all, the deaths are not a continuous process. It would be much more normal to connect the points by straight lines.

The data is striking, and would stand out however you displayed it: you may as well display it in a more standard manner.

Off topic, I know, but

Off topic, I know, but Riverbend wrote a post today about leaving Iraq for her new home in Syria. Heartbreaking as ever. But good to know she and her family are safe after a long time between posting.