Blair 'in it up to his neck,' alleges former head of Labour fundraising


Don't you just love 'internet diaries'? The latest person to be caught out is Dr Nick Bowes, a most interesting author. Dr Nick used to be Head of the Business Liaison Unit at Labour. In other words he used to look for high income donors/lenders.

For such a high flyer, Dr Nick seems to be unaware of how to set Blogger's private settings and his blog, intended to be private, was avaliable to the world. He has spent some time discussing the Cash for Honours scandal:

"The whole peerages thing is corrupt. It is one of the biggest forms of patronage still in the hands of the Prime Minister. I just wonder whether the PM really believes in sorting out the House of Lords, as it may just rob him of his one first-class way of rewarding big donors and sponsors of city academies."

"I still think the crucial questions are
(a) why were donors persuaded to change their donations into loans, and
(b) to what extent was the Prime Minister involved?

"In answer to
(a) you have to conclude it is because they were going to get peerages and Number 10 didn't want people to draw a relationship between the two and
(b) the Prime Minister was in it up to his neck, and was personally involved."

Of course, now he's been busted he's deleted it and is claiming it was full of "wild and unsubstantiated claims".

Right. Anyway Blairwatch readers in Tooting pleased to know that Dr Nick is standing for the council. Perhaps someone should ask if it is appropriate for someone who posts "wild and unsubstantiated claims" is a fit person to represent the borough.