The Gentleman's Not For Turning


Blair is staying - Following news that Blair was staying till 2009 there comes further confirmation...

From Euan Blair, currently working as an intern let it slip

Blair Jr met George Osborne and William Hague by chance at the British embassy in Washington, where the Tories were guests of our ambassador and Euan was on his way to a dinner. A Tory aide said: “We asked Euan in a light-hearted way about his dad’s plans and he made it clear that the prime minister does not want to go.”

Odd that... surely the Blairlet has the nous to keep his gob shut unless he was pissed. like has was last Saturday (scroll down to 'Hey isn't that')

Looking at Blair's behaviour, I do think his messianic side is out of control, with his "I know best" lines over education, civil liberties etc being his only line of defence.

Trust me, it's always a sign that a politician is getting desperate when they trot out the "I blame the media" line, as they currently are .

How desperate? Well support is plumeting, the Party faces bankruptcy after their Cash for Coronets scam got exposed. Which millionaire with a lust for ermine is going to bung them now? Party membership has more than halved and is heading downwards fast, indeed if current rates continue there won't be any members by the next election.

Blair remains in power and he will have to be carried fighting and screaming from Downing St for one reason: He must fight his true enemy.

No, not Cameron. Gordon Brown. This most dysfunctional of governments has been at war with itself since it got into power. Brown of course lacks the balls to stick the knife in, prefering to sneer from the sidelines via his minions.

Gordon has wimped out of several golden opportunities to inherit the throne and I think he'll be the David Davis of New Labour. When his challenge came it was too little, too late.

Perhaps Brown no longer wants to be PM, perhaps after seeing the pressures Blair has been through he may be thinking of something more powerful but with a lower public profile. Could it be that his eyes are no longer casting a longing gaze over his neighbour and he's looking elsewhere?

Hat tip to Guido

So now the British taxpayer

So now the British taxpayer is feeding the Blair offspring for free? OK, young Euan is an intern at the US Congress but that hardly qualifies him to be invited to a presumably-official dinner at the British Embassy.
Sour grapes, maybe, but I speak as one who once was specifically not invited to dinner by a British Ambassador.

In the Blair schema the more

In the Blair schema the more people complain the more vindicated he feels, the more resitance there is the more right it feels. "Reform is difficult and a good leader makes the difficut decisions..."