Blears Into Bat

Blears on Newsnight defending the Home Office. Where's Charlie? Packing his trunk and saying goodbye to the circus, if Guido is right.

20 of the 80 most dangerous *aren't on the PNC* says Paxo. He asks how you trace people (as promised by the Home Sec) who aren't on the PNC:

Blears doesn't answer the question. Instead, Charlie will present 'as much information as possible'

Paxo asks again (he's done this routine with Blears before)

HB 'Work is going on now', 'Most serious are on licence'

[Implication is that the PNC is apparently not the only place to look for criminals (what's the point of it then?)]

P 'Can you be on licence and not on PNC?'

HB 'No information on that'

P 'How are they monitored if they're not on the PNC?'

No reply is forthcoming.

She's struggling here. Obvious lie about 'fullest possibly disclosure' - [bollocks, it's nothing of the sort, it's increasingly damaging revelations extracted like teeth from a grumpy rhino and a 2min 41s terse statement to the House of Commons]

Information came out 'In August, then November' [really?]

P 'What was being done between August and this week?'

HB 'Enhanced...programme of work...information now available...disclosed fully' [we spent 7 months buggering about while the rate of releases without consideration went *up*, she means]

She really is in a terrible spot. Ho ho ho. Couldn't happen to a nicer muppet.

PNC = Police National Computer - a record of all convicted criminals. If, for example one of these people is stopped by police they will have no record of them ever comitting an offence.

Lo Fi mp3 audio grab Of Hazel's interview... Priceless.

Truely ministerial material

Truely ministerial material eh? Her only qualification is undying loyalty to Tony Blair. Watching her at the despatch box facing David Davies will be entertaining indeed :)

Accurate summary. HB is

Accurate summary. HB is useless and charmless. Blair looks as if he is beyond caring now.I almost feel sorry for him.

The longer Clarke stays the better for the Tories.

I look forward to a future

I look forward to a future interview when the Home Secretary or flunky of the day tries to explain why so many people who are unable to access basic civic facilities are missing from the National Identity Register.

Talk about banging your head

Talk about banging your head against a brick wall. I look forward to the day when Paxman says, "we asked the Home Office if a minister was available for interview and they offered Hazel Blears, so we told them we'd cope without one."

Indeed. If they can't keep

Indeed. If they can't keep track of 1,000 prisoners, how well do we think the Home Office will do at managing the ID cards?

Undying loyalty to Tony

Undying loyalty to Tony Blair is all the qualification she needs. No talent necessary. Explains a lot.

Isn't this empirical

Isn't this empirical evidence of political patronage too? Stick to party political talking points. Questions don't matter. By the time the talking points are exhausted, everybody's off the plot. Was there one?