5 serious offences committed by the released prisoners *UPDATED*

A statement from the Home Secretary has been sent to David Davis, Nick Clegg and the HoC Speaker. Clegg, for some reason, is reading it out on Radio 5 (no sign of the Home Office). 79 of the most serious offenders are on the PNC and being pursued. However, at least five have been convicted of serious offences, including drugs offences.

Firstly, why send this to the opposition to put out? Surely Hazel isn't busy? Or are they all in the bunker waiting for the end?

Secondly, surely we were told there'd be a statement about two hours ago? Where is it?

*UPDATED* Charlie emerged at about 5:40, some minutes later. Iain Dale suggests Clegg broke an unofficial embarge (what? why should the opposition collude with the government to keep things secret?). Basically confirmed the statement as given, with 5 reconvictions for drugs, violent disorder, GBH, ABH.

Naturally, with 63 so far started out of 1023, this isn't over, despite Charlie coming out with the usual whiffle about how great the Home Office was at deporting people. If he knows that the number of deportations has shot up why didn't he ensure the IND were properly resourced? If someone careers off the road into your car you wouldn't put them in charge of repairing it, you'd get a competent professional in.

Some junior minister was asked what she thought and replied 'I didn't hear the statement, but Charles and his team are doing an excellent job and that's what matters'. Promotion material.

Ummm.... is this all a

Ummm.... is this all a deliberate double-bluff to sell us the idea of ID cards?

Nojags (not noshags?), I

Nojags (not noshags?), I don't think they are good enough to do one of those. This is a cock-up that they will try to twist in the ID cards direction.

I'm ahead of them - there's

I'm ahead of them - there's a very obvious rebuff to the we-can't-find-criminals-so-let's-have-ID-cards spiel which even Blears hasn't tried on yet. Actually, there are three. More later.