Clarke kept the lid on it for 3 weeks before telling


I think this may the the story that breaks the camels or Elephants back.

It looks as of Charles Clark kept stump for 3 weeks before he told Blair.

Officials informed the embattled Cabinet minister on March 30 that individuals convicted of serious offences had been allowed back into the community.

But Mr Clarke did not pass the information on to Downing Street until April 21, the Home Office confirmed.

Police were only supplied with the list of all the 1,023 offenders who had been mistakenly allowed free another five days later.

I think Blair is going to be kicking himself if not Clarke..

It was the second occasion on which the Prime Minister had been left in the dark about the scale of the fiasco. Even when Mr Clarke offered to resign last Tuesday after the revelation that 1,023 offenders had been released, the Prime Minister was not then told that 288 had been freed since July, when the Home Office became aware of the problem. He found out a day later.

I suppose Blair's wait and see is more a wait and see if I get shafted?

Charles Clarke's future as home secretary looks uncertain as Prime Minister Tony Blair adopts a "wait-and-see" policy.

In an interview he said Mr Clarke's future "depends on what happens" with the 1,023 foreign prisoners released without being deported.

Not only has Clarke made a bad situation worse by not doing anything from last September. My thinking behind this is that, he was too focused on the ID card Bill. Too much time was spent on that issue that, got well, sort of good 'I'm a tough hard man who can run the home office' headlines. There you go, he is paid by us, The tax payers to look after our security and not going around and forgetting his #1 responsibility.
I think we should all start to have a good look at the Magna Carta and what happened to the last person who tried to push it under the carpet. I think he lost his head?

The Prime Minister's lack of

The Prime Minister's lack of political judgement is apparent throughout this story. It is he who did not ask the pertenent questions of Clarke.

Clarke has show nothing but denial, weasel-words and manipulations throughout, not the pure candour he claims. The story has dribbled out as the days passed. From supposedly telling Paxman the truth in a pre-recorded interview shown AFTER the real scale of the problem had aired - which must have left Paxman chewing the furniture - to telling the world Blair had refused his resignation, he has only ever told this cock up from one angle - its best side, hoping no interviewer will ever put the pieces together to hit him with tough questions. This tactic has worked on the media in the main, assisted by 4-shags-and-counting Prescott's sordid use of ministerial desks at taxpayers cost.

But it is BLair who comes out worst. Many of us have not forgotton how, when told of the 45 minute threat posed by Saddam Hussein, how Blair didn't think to ask important questions every jaded hack understands: what, who, where, when and how. Blair claims that he never thought to question, on the most basic of levels, the sensitive intellegence information being handed to him. He seemingly sent our sons and daughters to war on totally duff, unquestioned and untested evidence. Yet it it the Iraqis who pay.

Throughout the many resignations that had to be dragged out of his cronies he did the same emu act. Any normal human being, when someone comes to them saying "we got a real big problem here, I/my people dropped the ball" would question what had gone on. But not Blair, even though as Prime Minister it is his job to ask the questions to see the bigger picture, know all the facts on which to base his decision.

But not when the UN-Safety Elephant came to him, Blair obviously said something along the lines of: "Do not worry, for you are my good mate, a true Blairite and cannot possibly have done anything wrong. I refuse your offer of resignation" without asking questions or putting pressure any on Clarke to divulge any if all of the facts.

It is Blair's judgement that seriously needs looking at. His managerial skills are poor and it is he who has presided over all this mess with his and Levy's fingerprints on the Cash for Peerages scandal. It is from Blair the cronyism, corruption and incompetance flows. But it is the Labour Party who follow him meekly who allow this behaviour.

Until the LABOUR PARTY wakes up and smells the coffee, rather than falling for the media image of Blair as the Second Coming of politics, will anything change. It is the LABOUR PARTY that needs the bloody nose on Thursday, not Blair or his personality cult of ministers and MPs.