The Cabinet - Off The Record

"The Labour government cannot last another year like this," one senior minister said last night. source

Even cabinet ministers are warning that bad results in London will make many MPs want Mr Blair out. "Without the capital, you cannot win a general election," said one. source

"All this will bring forward Tony's departure," one member of the Cabinet told me. "There's a sense of hiatus in the Government, a perception that we're not quite the full shilling." source

"There's just a really miserable atmosphere at the moment - people are walking around with these grim, grim faces. No-one believes the polls - we feel like we're miles behind and nothing goes right. This must be how the Tories felt towards the end." - A Labour Minister

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I can't add another example,

I can't add another example, but I just want to comment that the MP's keep saying this, and then they do nothing. Why should this time be any different?

Asked how the public

Asked how the public response on the doorstep was, a minister replied "Awful,awful, awful".(reported on the Daily Politics on Tuesday.)