Just listened rather open-mouthed to the serial sex pest on Today - he can't half rabbit. Key points I could disentangle from his syntax:

* He didn't deny further affairs even after being asked about ten times
* He mentioned 'the internet, or blogs, or whatever they're called' in a faux-disparaging way, which suggests he's actually quite worried and doesn't know how to handle it.
* He says Mr. Anschutz is just the chap to redevelop the East End (or North Greenwich, possibly) because it's 'polluted land'. Well, if it's the Dome area it was a gasworks, but it was cleared up at public expense to put the Dome on...
* He's not responsible for decisions his officials make
* He's getting on with the job, despite having it taken off him
* He's never taken a penny from anyone (apart from the subsidised flat and the unpaid council tax, presumably, or the grace-and-favour house).

At that point my brain fused and my ears shut down. The man's a walking climate change problem with all the hot air.

My ears were bleeding too.

My ears were bleeding too. It's like listening to Unwinese, but not as intentionally funny.
Very noticeable that he refused to deny further dalliances. Poor old Pauline.
And as for getting on with the job. What job? This was the man who told the firefighters that they weren't worth a fraction of his salary. They risk their lives routinely for peanuts; this sad sack has no real responsibility and just sponges all these wonderful perks, amazing salary and holidays off the tax payer.
He's desperate to keep the job long enough to boost his amazing pension but he doesn't want to strain himself too much.
It's not about him being "working class" or not having a public school accent. He's about as establishment as you can get. He's paid very well, stamps on working people (the firefighters etc), lines his pockets (perks, salary, pension etc), has a very establishment attitude to women staff and feels that he's the victim. Nauseating.

He mentioned 'the internet,

He mentioned 'the internet, or blogs, or whatever they're called' in a faux-disparaging way

I don't think it was 'faux-disparaging'. I think he actually doesn't know what they're called.

A long, slow death is on the cards. And I have to be honest: I'm loving every minute of it.

He came across to me as

He came across to me as being deliberately dismissive of something he's genuinely worried about:

1) he certainly knows that blogs exist and are causing him trouble, or he wouldn't have mentioned them
2) he seemed to have trouble with the word 'Internet'

Now, it could just be Prescottisms, but surely if you know what a blog is you're at least familiar with the term 'internet'? He didn't *need* to mention blogs (Humphrys didn't), after all.

Prescott's going to be

Prescott's going to be Acting Prime Minister when Tony's away on holiday staying with Cliff, Silvio or one of his bought and paid-for Peers. Isn't that a terrifying thought.
No wonder all his mates (Rooker, Caborn, Plunks etc) are crapping themselves trying to make up convincing excuses. Prescott will have his free hand on the Red Button!

What a pity there won't be

What a pity there won't be any PMQs while he's in charge but not responsible.

He seemed to be banging his

He seemed to be banging his on the table as he spoke this morning on the Today programme

Banging his what..?

Banging his what..?

I *presumed* it was his

I *presumed* it was his hand, as it sounded like quite a large object.

It could have been John Humphrys' head, of course.

Another thing that was a bloody cheek was him comparing his troubles with Humphrys' slight embarrassment over a speech a few months back where he wasn't too complimentary about some ministers, which was of course leaked to the Times by a former Number 10 spin doctor called Tim Allen.

BSSC covered it.

For me, the hilarious

For me, the hilarious (Freudian) quote was:-

"I will be judged by what I do on the job...."

No wonder he would not deny other affairs.

This is a slow fucking

This is a slow fucking death...... Has to be Brown behind it all.

"It's like listening to

"It's like listening to Unwinese"

Unwinese I both understood and enjoyed...

Poor Prezza. He needs some

Poor Prezza. He needs some support from faithful party comrades. Rosie Winterton has done some sterling work under him in the past I hear.

so when will we hear about

so when will we hear about that female labour minister connected to all this rather intimately and she got her job? that sort of sexual cronyism is the real story.
i remember seeing the prescott story break on tv that he was having an affair when iw as with my parents and immediately said "oh i thought he was having an affair with so and so, clearly there's more than one!"