Tony Blair's Enthusiasm for Debate


Tony Blair - 12 January

It is not easy to have this debate with the swirl of recent publicity about the conditions of our Armed Forces - however wrong or exaggerated it might be; or when we are in the middle of two deeply controversial engagements of our troops. Yet this is the right time to debate and decide it precisely because of such stormy argument.

The reason for the storm is not this or that grievance or conflict. Its origin is the new situation we face. The post Cold War threat is now clear. The world has changed again. We must change with it. I have set out the choice I believe we should make. I look forward to the debate.


Sunday Times - 21 January

THE prime minister is to shun the first major debate on Iraq held in parliament since 2004.

Tony Blair has said he will not attend the Commons session, although it is taking place straight after prime minister’s questions on Wednesday.

Fancy that!

The bloke is an total

The bloke is an total coward. Tory and LibDem should boycott the debate given Bliars attitude. We are not going to learn anything from Ken Dodds mum and other Bliar apologists. He says he will make a statement later, is this not a clear indication that he can no longer govern and is deferring everything to extend his own tenure.

After Hain's cowardice of last week the PM must appear at this debate or stand down. If we know that his government ministers dont believe in the war and never have then how are any answers they give be taken seriously? "In your judgement Minister will the latest strategy be successful?" To think this shameful dance of political death prolongs our troops exposure to risk should serve as evidence enough to order them home now.

If he will not attend then the Tory's have no choice but to withdraw support for the war. Parliament is in danger of dereliction of duty itself if it does not start to use all its powers to hold this government to account.

They should start by denouncing the blatantly conflicted and untrustworthy Goldsmith's decison to intefere in CPS decisions over CFH. If Falconer and he cannot agree then they should both step aside and let an independent entity decide.

Some hope.

I heartily agree that the

I heartily agree that the opposition parties should boycott this debate if the poodle cannot be bothered to attend it.
Imagine NuLabor trying to spin their way out of that one. With pictures of an empty parliament playing in the background.
Also all "pairing" agrements MPs should be suspended until the poodle faces up to parliamentary scrutiny.

The post Cold War threat is

The post Cold War threat is now clear. The world has changed again. We must change with it.

What is this threat he sees with such clarity? Has the world changed? Must we change again? Into what?

What an odious piece of shit

What an odious piece of shit Blair is. Why attend a debate, when the fucker wouldn't attend the bedside of an injured soldier or stand at the grave of a dead one?

Yes, the Charlatan is acting

Yes, the Charlatan is acting as though parliament is irrelevant (which latest moves by the Attorney General etc have made a reality), but there should not be a boycott of the Iraq debate. Instead, the opposition should make it starkly clear that if he doesn't attend they will call for a vote of no confidence. That should get the bugger into the House.

Beyond pathetic.

Beyond pathetic.

Like many middle class

Like many middle class people I came to Socialism through Marxism.
(pretentious twat)

The Tory Party is now increasingly given over to the worst of petty bourgeois sentiment. (not like the above then)

The phrases that rouse us or should rouse us, are bound to seem stale in the mouth of anyone who has been too closely intertwined with the establishment.(yup)

When I fought the Kosovo war, which was the first military engagement of a considerable size I took as Prime Minister.
(what a hero)

I know too that this was real war, this wasn't the pretend stuff that happens in films, it was real war with real bloodshed and real casualties. (must be the scariest thing he has ever said?)

And then reflect on this: how hollow would the charges of American imperialism be when these failed countries are and are seen to be transformed from states of terror to nations of prosperity, from governments of dictatorship to examples of democracy, from sources of instability to beacons of calm. (how hollow indeed)

So far as our objective, it is disarmament, not regime change - that is our objective.(with guns)

The banner was not actually "regime change" it was "values change".(with guns)

The moment we decided not to change regime but to change the value system.(with guns)

Rightly, in my view, we realised that you can't defeat a fanatical ideology just by imprisoning or killing its leaders; you have to defeat its ideas.(with guns and gallows)

Sep 2002

Bush: Well, as you know, our government in 1998 -- action that my administration has embraced -- decided that this regime was not going to honor its commitments to get rid of weapons of mass destruction. The Clinton administration supported regime change. Many members of the United States Senate supported regime change. My administration still supports regime change. There's all kinds of ways to change regimes. (yeah, lots)

The world has

The world has changed

Indeed, it has. Whereas Britain's government was good at one time, now it is the enemy.

Is it not that the ruling

Is it not that the ruling classes have always expected subservience from their subjects?

Do the ruling classes not have many mechanisms and schemes at their disposal for keeping the majority compliant?

Are their ceremonies not surrounded with great mystery, pomp and exclusive rites and rituals of their making, for our consumption?

Are we not now more aware than ever before in the history of humankind of those that take our birthright?

Do they sense the change that is coming???