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On April 4th 1967, Dr Martin Luther King Jr announced his opposition to the Vietnam war in his sermon A Time to Break Silence

You can read the speech in the link, but it is far better to listen to the great man.

Excellent post Quarsan, we

Excellent post Quarsan, we need this sort of orator supported by the kind of integrity called by the intelligent expression of truth as expressed by Dr King. His words stand as true today as they did then, his expression that silence in the face of a war that was never right could not be a tolerable situation. For in reality it is a failure to recognize the responsibilities that are beholden to those that live in a democracy in that ultimate responsibility for the actions of the nation resides with every member of that nation and that silence in the face of tyranny when all that would have taken to break tyranny was a voice is the absolute expression of failure.

Racist crap deleted.

Racist crap deleted.

Everyone is made up of dark

Everyone is made up of dark and light. Some have more light, some have more dark.
It seems very often that people that are called 'great', may have to have dark recesses, to create such an illuminating light.
I wish we had someone today that could 'string a few words together' like Dr King.

I drove a lady who lived

I drove a lady who lived upstairs of James Early Ray back to St.Louis in the twilight years of her life. She was looking to be closer to her old family and friends, and two of her grand daughters and their sons.

That was in the 90s. How did James Earl Ray get out of jail and have a brand new car, brand new suits, and flaunt money, before going three states away and staking out the exact locale across from MLK for a week?

Ray's brother ran the George Wallace campaign national affiliate.




And why, exactly, is what he

And why, exactly, is what he was doing known, or any of your business, and why exactly are you an ignorant racist, and what exactly were you doing hours prior to your comment?

You are a racist and a

You are a racist and a moron. Good day sir.

"Quote from earlier racist

"Quote from earlier racist comment deleted"

What a load of nonsense.

"Quote from earlier racist comment deleted"

What you mean is the only reason that your poisonous walnut can come up with to explain his stature.

- Hope you don't mind Dick -

Edit: No, I don't mind at all. I shouldn't have bothered replying in the first place to such drivel. Idiots post crap like that for the response as much as anything else.

Good posting, Quarsan. It's

Good posting, Quarsan. It's about all we can do, while the war drum beats universally around our media.

I notice that George Galloway adopted a similar approach - he quoted Jesus from one of the gospels during his TalkSport show yesterday afternoon.

On Thursday Evening Channel

On Thursday Evening Channel 4 News' lead story was under the heading 'TORTURED', referring to the 15 RN staff. When the commanding officer of the group was interviewed the 'TORTURE' was '"apparently" one of my collegues was hit while on the floor screaming "we're all going to die" (I kid you not).

When asked how hard he was hit he then said, 'he's a Marine, it's all soft to him' - so in two sentences we have completely contradictory statement - one,the man was so shit scared he became hysterical, and had to be slapped. Two, Marines are very hard indeed.

Anyway, that is what justified C4 news proclaiming "TORTURE" - an event that is far less  brutal and degrading than the basic training royal marines go through. Anyone  remember the video of senior officers beating recruits until they passed out? Now that's torture.

UK people need to read and watch the news from other countries more to realise what a complete joke this country is to the rest of the world - All ITN, Sky and BBC do is make UK people think they live in a good and decent country - which is of course complete bollocks.

yeah it sounds to me like

yeah it sounds to me like they didnt come close to being tortured. shock horror! people who are arrested get blindfolded and handcuffed and locked in cells. what do you expect? they even get questioned!!! the iranians also cocked their guns!!!! unloaded guns aren't much use, best put a bullet in the barrel.

sounds like a load of P.R crap to me from the M.O.D trying to play something up as something it wasn't. they were taken prisoner, as people tend to be. given the guy was hit on the floor screaming "we're all going to die" i rather suspect the iranians were trying to shut him up. a firm slap does wonders for anyone who is hysterical and from what they said it really doesn't sound like they were beating him up any way you paint it.

i can't help but wonder what would happen if british forces caught some iranians on the iraqi side of the border. hood them, kick the shit out of them, deprive them of sleep for days? just the usual "softening up".

New ads appearing in the

New ads appearing in the local Job centre.. Join the navy, get caught, become a hostage, make it big when you get back.

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