Al Jazeera Memo Trial

As you would expect, we're following the trial. So far we've just had the opening statement, including the claim that leaking the memo could put our boys at risk (cliche copyright The Sun newspaper). Helpful hint - follow the reporting by non-UK reporters, such as al Jazeera.

If anyone gets hold of a copy of the memo, we are still pledging to publish it.

If you do get a copy please

If you do get a copy please pass it onto me as well. I will print it out and stick it up on every lamp post I can find. It might not start a revolution that throws these ZaNuLabor types out of power. But it may just re-start the consciences of the general public..

What is much more likely 'to

What is much more likely 'to put our boys at risk' is the incredible failure to provide proper equipment, sending them to  ill-conceived and unjustified wars, and making crass political decisions.

Such journals as The Sun do absolutely nothing which is beneficial to 'our boys' or, indeed, the rest of mankind - short of providing expensively produced chip wrapping and a soupcon of soft porn, of course.

There's far too much nonsense being spouted by those with ulterior motives about 'security'.  Even if these clowns are genuine in their protestations they'd be better off doing something about properly supporting the armed forces, like ensuring decent pay, housing, equipment and leadership.  But there's absolutely no danger of that, is there?

"I will print it out and

"I will print it out and stick it up on every lamp post I can find"

Hey, that's a good idea.

There's also the gossip that

There's also the gossip that they talked about the levelling of Fallujah in the memo. I say leak it now we will all publish it, case fucking closed.

Thanks al J. So we live in

Thanks al J.

So we live in a democracy not the wild west, eh? It's not up to anyone to decide to be sherrif, eh? Tell that to Mad Tony Blair and Wild George Bush, the two cowboys who hijacked democracy and have acted like drunk gunslingers all over the world.

Hi Beachhutman, Democracy

Hi Beachhutman,

Democracy is a word used by polticians to cover the lack of it in reality, the more they say it, the less we have of it. If you can remember Erich Honnecker, the former head of the East German State, he used it almost in every sentence. It was even in the name of the country, German Democratic Republic.

 The word Democracy is used by politicians today because they don't want to tell the truth and admit to F-----m being the dominant politic.

 Abuse of Human Rights are a No No in a Democratic society but who cares in reality, not the politicians for certain.

The memo was published

The memo was published 23/11/05

I thought the Mirrors

I thought the Mirrors coverage of the story was a typical display of telling the public what they should know rather than the truth. They did a character assassination on David Keogh and proceeded to call him a Walter Mitty type character. I find it wholly amusing that this rag uses references to a 1941 text, I think it really shows where it is actually 'at' in terms of the countries advances. Anyhow, they did everything they could to word the piece in such a manner as to show the contents and thus the publication of the memo would have put the British Army in direct danger, it didn't mention what its' speculated content is.

Krippers2: Absolutely the


Absolutely the same innuendo in the Mail too.

It just keeps the proles in the dark; doesn't it!

What about the other memo,

What about the other memo, the "Downing Street Memo".

This was a memo that not only could, but did put our boys at risk, and sadly for some , put them to death.

OhmyNews has published my

OhmyNews has published my story on the trial reporting so far.

Briefly, there is a contrast between Associated Press and BBC/Times on whether or not to mention al Jazeera as anything to do with the case.

The information that Colin Powell was at the meeting could be significant. Christopher Hitchens wrote in Slate about an apparent denial of this. The US Freedom of Information Act might be different for State Department docs.

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Peter Kilfoyle will not be

Peter Kilfoyle will not be prosecuted

He says that a) he has seen the memo b) it is about Fallujah

should this be more widely reported?




some stories for OhmyNews
also blogging as a fansite for Dan Ffroomkin