As Tony prepares the most inglorious departure of a Prime Minister for many decades, what about Gordon? Will Gordon dissassociate himself from the Sleaze and corruption of his boss?

Will Gordon pledge not to interfere in the OECD investigation into BAE? Currently we're trying to sabotage the investigation by rumour, smear and innuendo.

Or is he going to keep his mouth firmly shut? Personally i'll have a bet on the latter

Brown is no better than

Brown is no better than Blair. Two sides of the nu labour coin, he has also backed anti-democratic policies, shows the same contempt for the House (You can see it and hear it in his appearances there) and has screwed us all to pay for policies that are now widely regarded as failures, even the nu-deal with which they came to office. Brown was behind the first broken promise within weeks of them coming to power in 1997, the promise on lone parent benefits - classic Blair / Brown spin, "we did not promise to" reverse the tory cuts, whereas in fact they had allowed, even encoraged, candidates up and down the country to campaign on that promise. Brown will be no better than Blair, will break promises, spin, and deceive, and will be just as unpopular witrhin weeks.

It is vital to have these

It is vital to have these benchmarks in place so we don't need to waste time on any kind of honeymoon giving this guy a chance to continue with causing damage. 

It has to be true that Blair's overriding priority is to make sure he doesn't get banged up in jail in the near future, and that he would back any successor who agrees to make sure this doesn't happen. 

Brown could win a lot of credit if he agreed to it, and then committed one almighty double-cross, and charges were brought against him the very next day.  After the amount of trust that he has betrayed, it would be the right thing to do. 

 Blair will have enough

 Blair will have enough dirt on Brown to keep him silent.