Blair Resignation on Tuesday?


There is a story that Blair might resign as Party Leader on Tuesday, in a desperate attempt to stave off a massive defeat in the local elections.

It's too late: Blair's

It's too late: Blair's critics have been telling him to go for ages, so 'suddenly' announcing it just before the local/devolved elections could end up being spun (by the media/Tories) as the last piece of spin by Blair. (Nothing became his political life as the manner of his leaving it, as it were). Alternatively, were Blair to announce his departure, what makes him think that the voters won't want to boo him off the stage anyway? I'm sure the Cult of Tony worshippers will want to turn the election results into a 'verdict' on Brown were Blair to say 'I'm off!' early next week, but that's too much of a hospital pass for someone who hasn't yet officially declared, let alone won any contest.

And not a day too soon! But

And not a day too soon!

But the downside is that we will be lumbered with a pile of "Lard".......... Brown Lard. But will he tell as many lies as the "Liemaster"

Whatever stay or go its a gloomy prospect!

I never thought I'd say

I never thought I'd say this, but, Neo Labour might be better off with Blair at the helm rather than the nose picker. They're going to get a shafting either way but how bad must things be if that is the case?

...Also, can he be PM while

...Also, can he be PM while not being party leader? There seems to be emphasis on party leader with no mention of PM or premiership.

I must say I rather like the

I must say I rather like the expressions "the Liemaster" and "the Nose-picker" and therefore move that B & B should henceforth always be referred to in this way.

More details

More details here ",,2066888,00.html

According to the

According to the Independent, Blair has circulated a "dossier" to Labour MPs about his legacy. If what the Independent says is correct, it would seem to be an admission by Blair that the reason for invading Iraq was regime change and that the stuff about WMD was a smokescreen to avoid any discussion about breaking international law. It also seems to show that Blair gives more priority to "Britain punching above its weight" than he does to Britain respecting international law.

So this is Blair's real

So this is Blair's real legacy. His own party is begging him to resign, in the hope that they will get hammered less mercilessly in the upcoming elections. Instead of a hot-air balloon lifting Nu Labour soaring to the skies, he is now seen as a millstone which it desperately needs to cut loose from around its neck.