Cash for Honours - It Gets Better


Just when you think the Cash for Honours scandal is almost played out it suddenly get's even better:

Palace Chief Warned Blair about Yates of the Yard

So Yates is a 'menace'

So Yates is a 'menace' because he doesn't defer to the great and the good, excellent.

This story confused me.  I

This story confused me.  I could not see who was supposed to have done anything wrong.  Robin Janvrin confides in Jonathan Powell that Yates is likely to be tough. So what?

The story also refreshes the

The story also refreshes the memory about the Queen's convenient "recollection" of certain events which abruptly contained the Burrell scandal.

Maybe Her Madge will be wheeled out in this one too.

On the other hand this could

On the other hand this could be seen as a glowing endorsement that Yates was the perfect man for the job. He ignored political and establishment pressure whilst investigating that vile prick Burrell and has done the same investigating the vile prick in No 10. All we need to wait for now is Goldsmith to choose Lord Hutton to run the trial....

gets not get's... sigh...

gets not get's...


Then again this could be

Then again this could be just pure spin. I can almost here the BBC report. 'Even the most thorough investigator couldn't find enough evidence for the CPS to successfully prosecute anyone...' ad nauseum. A script prepared for them by Lord Goldsmith whom will most likely be the one responsible for dropping it.

After all he is not a person to be trusted.

(Lifted from Wikipedia)

'In his final advice to the Government, written on March 17 2003, Lord Goldsmith stated that the use of force in Iraq was lawful. This advice stated Lord Goldsmith's preferred view in more unequivocal terms than his earlier memo, without reference to the doubts expressed therein. This has led to allegations that Lord Goldsmith succumbed to political pressure to find legal justification for the use of force against Iraq. Shortly after the leak Lord Goldsmith released a statement in response to such allegations, saying that the two documents were consistent, pointing to the difference in the nature of the two documents and the firm assurances he had received between 7th and 17 March that Iraq was indeed in breach of its obligations under Security Council resolutions.

The controversy was furthered by the resignation of Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser to the Foreign Office, on 20 March 2003. A full version of her letter of resignation became public in March 2005. In this she stated that the reason for her resignation was that she did not agree with the official opinion that the use of force in Iraq was legal. She also accused Lord Goldsmith of changing his view on the matter.'

The Letter of resignation from Elizabeth Wilmshurst.

"It is understood Janvrin

"It is understood Janvrin told Powell that Yates adopted a dogged approach during the Burrell investigation."

Erm... isn't that what policemen are meant to do?

'The treatment of Ruth [Turner] was outrageous,' one friend of the PM said. 'The [police] treated her like a common criminal.'


It wasn't me it was that

It wasn't me it was that Levy chap!

PS I'm anonomous!

Off topic, but I had to

Off topic, but I had to share this.

Check out Stephen Colbert's address to The White House Correspondents Dinner. He manages to take the piss out of Bush and co. while they just sit there squirming. Pure magic.

I have heard from a contact

I have heard from a contact a the met police that although Yates may be doing a thourough job the rest of the department is not as cooperative.  Apparently two people ,a young  woman as well as a man, each independently came forward to give damaging information about cash for honours yet their statements were never taken and the original emails were disgarded and not passed on to Yates.  Is this surprising? No.  Labour has their hands in every pot that is corrupt in this country.  Lord Goldsmith, the man who ultimately decides whether or not charges are filed in the cash for honours scandal is a close friend of Blair, peer, and labour donor.  To read about Lord Goldmith's role visit


Sounds all too possible --

Sounds all too possible -- the two people whose evidence was ignored..

I 'enjoy the indignation about "X"  being treated as a common criminal. 

Crime is crime, however white the collar.