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I feel it is sad that a man

I feel it is sad that a man who has tried so hard to do the best for is country is villified by an ignorant and ungrateful public who find themselves easily swayed by a media whose power quite frankly scares me. I do not wish to call the British public stupid, many are extremely intelligent but it is very easy to get drawn into the trap that a a newspaper of even the quality of the times or the Guardian is unbiased and doesnt push the public into thinking what they wish them to believe. So little recognition is given to Tony Blair's tireless work to create a peaceful enviroment in Northern Ireland, an objective of this country for hundreds of years. So little recognition is given to the fact that he has helped students like me by raising minimum wage more than once. There is mass uproar about topup fees in this country but I believe we should contribute money to our higher education - even with top up fees almost 3/4s is subsidised. Personally I have been awarded a grant which means that the government, or the people as a whole, pay for my education. Ultimately only those who really can afford to pay university fees, do.

       The greatest sadness is that many people's anger and vicious hatred stems not just from the fact that they feel that they were misled into Iraq and feel foolish about this. The 45 minute claim was true, just put out of context by a scaremongering media. I think that people have just latched onto the media's ideas of Blair's transgressions and followed what seems to them a fashionable anti-Blair view, where the person who can say the cruelest thing about him has the sharpest wit. I agree with this site in essence, there MUST always be people watching our leaders ensuring they are not overstepping their powers. I cannot however endorse personal verbal attacks on the Prime Minister or his family. For those out there who write such things are not discussing politics, are not engaging in democracy, but are pathetic misguided people who need guidance and perhaps a new hobby so that their destructive energies can be diverted in a less useless an unpatriotic way.

"Ignorant and

"Ignorant and ungrateful?"

Are you mad?

He lied to us.

And did so repeatedly.

Your assertion that the 45 minute claim was true is as bonkers now as it was when Blair made it in the first place.

I will be glad when his miserable carcass is burned; the man has no scruples, no honour and no personal integrity.





I think Jack is being droll.

I think Jack is being droll. Well, I hope he is.