A Good Day To Bury Bad News


Let's keep an eye out for what slips under the radar:

ID Card cost rises to over 5 billion - Funny, the figures were released as Tony was speaking, a month late...

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This is as insidious as it

This is as insidious as it gets to be honest, it means the the government are determined to push this through irrespective of who holds high office. Given the manner of this release, that is to say illegally, it is clear that Labour under any guise is an organisation hell bent on pushing through this legislation by the use of subterfuge and spin. Now beyond all times in the history of Blair am I truly scared, the true colours of these petty little autocrats that represent not one jot of the idealism that they once held shine through. Now more than ever I find I am committed with everything I am and can be to fight this, to deny their vision of my rights, deny their arrogant assumption that they can do this. The means by which they released this information make it clear that they know how weak the policy is, how unacceptable it is to everyone except those that want control over us, and that they are prepared to use any means to get it in place.
Remember, you don't have to accept this, if you are a UK citizen and you care about your personal freedom join No2ID
Our numbers increase on a daily basis, our voice gets louder, the louder we are the more they have to bury the bad news in good news.

A day late I know, but does

A day late I know, but does this count:

Police officers in the clear over Tube shooting

Re. ID Cards: Straw may be

Re. ID Cards: Straw may be signalling a rethink:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/idcards/story/0,,2077821,00.html

The Home Office have finally

The Home Office have finally announced the number of unconvicted children on the DNA database:

In other words: 1 in 5 10-18-year-olds has a profile on NDNAD

If we just take the figures for 16-18s, 2 in 5 are on NDNAD

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