Blair's True Legacy - "Lest we forget..."

In the midst of all the spin and kerfuffle, we should remember that our dear leader is not departing at a time of his chosing, or in a manner of his chosing.
The desperate and sickening stage managed performance yesterday was the mark of a man who could no longer hang on.  Loathed and detested in ways Thatcher could only aspire too, he has failed to serve the full 3rd term he wanted, and leaves with one word ringing in his ears:

And no matter how much he should try to disown it, it is the word that should be ringing in Gordon Brown's ears as he eventually hauls his carcass across the threshold of Number 10.

Blair certainly understood

Blair certainly understood Britain's media establishment and its 'news values' - millions may have died and suffered in Iraq, but compared to the tragedy of Princess Diana's early demise their passing is of no real significance to the 'the nation'  as articulated by the BBC and media commentary in general.

With the educated classes goose stepping on command, and articulate opinion enthusing about 'messianic missions,' and other convenient fairy tales, the way was open for Blair to re-make Iraq in the image of Bechtel, Halliburton and Exxon Mobil.  The response to the virtual genocide that followed tells us a lot about ourselves, and the political and intellectual culture that sets the framework for 'respectable debate'  in the UK..

What's clear is that the culture of priviliege that Blair represents regards human life as of no real value when it ceases to serve critical economic and strategic interests. 'Human resources' may have a limited place within the system of profit and power, but are of no intrinsic value. Individuals, or even nations may become surplus to requirement, even posing an impediment to efficient profit making (Iraq). Should this happen they may be disposed of without objection. Meanwhile the domestic population can be distracted with magical princesses, football matches, celebrity gossip, mainstream politics and 24 hour drinking...

It's a shame the post from

It's a shame the post from Cassandra (not verified) doesn't provide links to more of his (her?) stuff.

It hits the nail on the head in so many ways that I'd like to see more.

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