We're With Stupid


Via Chicken Yoghurt, the news we've all been dreading - Hazel 'Clockwork Orange' Blears has got the necessary backing to run for Labour Deputy Leader.
  This can only be good news for the Tories, but she may already have torpedoed her chances by the nature of her support.  Such luminaries as:

* John Reid - resigned to spend less time with his old enemy Gordon
* John Hutton - strong contender for the coveted 'Least Likeable Blairite' award
* Alan Milburn - ditto
* Joan Ryan - Miss ID Cards, notably lacking in brain even for a Home Office Minister
* Andy Burnham - another Home Office deadbeat
* Kitty Ussher - gawd 'elp us
and many, many more.

It's clear from this that she's got the backing of the Blair/neocon loyalists.  Whether the party is mad enough to leave a cuckoo in the nest from the discredited Blair regime to keep an eye on Gordon remains to be seen - I don't think I'm sticking my neck out if I suggest that she might not be wholly to Mr. Brown's taste as a deputy.

Can you put a warning on

Can you put a warning on that last link please. I innocently clicked that link and it took me to hazelblears.com. I had to spend literally seconds deleting my browser cache, I feel very dirty and sordid indeed.