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Blairwatch will be under going a server upgrade over the week-end.
The server will be offline during this time.
We hope to be able to bring you a much better service.
We will be back, not like our namesake.
A few hitches, but all completed.

To while away the down time

To while away the down time - Why not listen to -
All the lies and forgotten truths in one impressive compendium -
'What I Heard about Iraq'

Eliot Weinberger's long and continuing prose poem draws on reports, newspapers, official utterances and eye-witness accounts to paint a terrifying picture of the war in Iraq.  Adapted for radio by Simon Levy. With Tony Pasqualini, Bernadette Speakes, Darcy Halsey, Marc Casabani, Ryun Yu.
Director Tim Dee.

Radio 4 - Listen again - (58 mins.)