Another John McDonnell Interview.


The Meacher ego still hasn't landed, but while we are waiting for Michael's final approach, here is an interview with John McDonnell from today's Indy:

You aren't going to win. If you did, Labour would lose the next election disastrously. Why are you running? ANDY DWYER, Liverpool

Andy, you may have noticed the election results on 3 May.

Labour polled 27 per cent to the Tories 41 per cent - if things don't change, at best there'll be a hung parliament at the next election. Even in 2005, we only polled 35 per cent of the vote.

We have also lost so much of our membership that in some areas we do not have the machine on the ground to win anymore. I'm running because the majority of the British public agrees with me on a range of issues: from Iraq to public services, to the need for greater action on housing and the environment.

I'm standing on a platform of issues based on the votes of Labour Party and TUC conferences - where millions of people's views are represented - and which have been developed by my discussions with thousands of people up and down the country.

Has anyone taken the time

Has anyone taken the time to look at McDonnell's voting record? It makes interesting reading - support for cuts in corporation tax, support for the 'extradition to America'  measures, initially supportive of foundation hospitals, voted for the original Criminal Justice Bill. He stayed loyal to Blair in voting against a debate on the dodgy dossier (Iraq, weapons of mass destruction -commons division no. 319).

McDonnell also voted to: 'congratulate Her Majesty's Armed forces in their outstanding contribution to the success of the Coalition campaign in Iraq. (Iraq, National Audit Office report on Operation Telic - Commons division No.27) The report is bizarre document,  a glowing endorsement of the aggression against Iraq featuring glossy pictures of British troops shooting laser controlled bazookas etc..

Don't be fooled. McDonnell is a cynical labour hack and corporate shill..

Are you for

Are you for real?

I'm certainly for real in

I'm certainly for real in exposing the mendacious hypocrisy of McDonnell and the alleged 'Labour Left.'  Just check ',' for details of the operation Telic vote and the rest of his uninspiring  record. Or just go past the front page of the website you've posted, and look in detail at his actual voting record (click the 'their full record' link.

Bear in mind that the Labour left have a long and undistinguished history of having their cake and eating it - marketing themselves as the 'peoples party' while voting in tax cuts for corpartions, cutting capital gains and providing other services for their .PLC masters.
It's a lucrative scam if you can pull it off with a straight face (McDonnell et. al) and a little bit of rhetorical bullshit at a few TUC conferences.  This is just standard operating procedure in the Labour Party, with a history we're all aware of, and which is too sordid and depressing to go into in detail.


More "progressive" votes

More "progressive" votes from the "Labour left winger"

27 Oct 2003 - McDonnell votes with goverment on Defence Bill, NATO and Europe. The Bill states that NATO (i.e Washington) should 'remain the cornerstone of 'Europe's collective defence. Many thanks from George Bush for that one, John

22 Jan 2003 - Defence in the World. McDonnell votes with governement.  This Bill paves the way for the introduction of the 'ballistic missle defence system' at RAF Flyindales, Menwith. This is perhaps the Blair's biggest contribution to George Bush's attempt at 'ful spectrum dominance.' McDonnells right there, on side and doing his best for the neo-cons.

And this is the 'labour left'.  Not sure whether to laugh or cry...Does anyone still take McDonnell seriously?