The Ego has Landed! *UPDATED*

At last, Michael Meacher has woken up, and appears to be smelling  coffee!  He has said he is withdrawing from his campaign[sic] to be the next leader of the Labour Party, leaving the way clear for John McDonnell to seek the required nominations.  Can the Labour PLP deliver?

Press Conference due any time now.


John McDonnell has just been interviewed on Radio 4's PM - where he confirms Meacher is standing down and supporting his campaign.  Still not sure if he has the requred number of nominations - the left has delivered a candidate, if the Labour PLP can deliver the nominations.

Listen to John 's Interview Here
[LoFi mp3]

The Labour Party is a busted

The Labour Party is a busted flush. Its a political car crash. Move on, theres nothing to see here.

Meanwhile, here's the Ten Myths of Blair:

Another Scot?

Another Scot?

Eh? I wasn`t sure what

Eh? I wasn`t sure what `another scot` meant, until like a punch from John Prescott, it hit me - McDonnell, is that right?

Have to say that I`m sick, fed up with this anti-scottish carping and sneering, the acme of which was the stench-ridden sight of Kelvin McKenzie (ah, a McK!) on BBC news on Monday, I think, babbling on about Gordon Brown, pointing out with clodhopping inanity that GB is a Scot! - as if this explains all. Just like Old Ari`s quizzical 2 worder above.

Right, yeah. So now Scots are the safe racist football, am I right? I mean, if anyone went on BBC news (or this board) and announced, with a smirk  `Well, he`s a Jew!`, we could rightly expect a shitstorm of anger about it. But if you have a scottish accent, then its okay. Right, gotcha.

Some Scot - MP for Hayes and

Some Scot - MP for Hayes and Harlington, West London and former deputy to Ken 'Hoots, Mon' McLivingstone at the GLC.  Politically, he's a Londoner, and politically is what matters here.

It's a good touchstone of a certain type of unpleasant right-winger that they attack Brown for his nationality.  This is possibly because they agree with him economically, about the relationship with the US, PFI, Iraq and privatisation, but haven't got the guts to admit it.

wikipedia, for what it's worth, has John McDonnell down as of Irish origin.  Aargh, no, the Micks are coming, hide, run, they'll spend your tax money on Guinness... etc...

I think it interesting the

I think it interesting the number of Blair/establishment figures briefing against Brown in the last few days. Culminating in Peter Obornes Dispatches on Channel 4. A sort of non-programme about is 'Brown fit to Govern' despite the fact he has virtually been in charge of domestic policy for the last ten years. I find in vaguely encouraging that so many within the establishment are scared of what Brown might do.