A Positive Consequence of The Cash For Honours Scandal


Now that the police have handed their files of the cash for honours investigation over to the CPS and Tony Blair has announced the date of his departure, there will be some focus on his resignation honours list. We know it's going to be different from previous resignation honours lists.

Tony Blair's delayed resignation honours list will be the first by a prime minister to be approved by the House of Lords appointments commission before peers will be allowed to take their seats, it was revealed today.

Tony Wright, chair of the Commons public administration committee, disclosed that Mr Blair has agreed with Lord Stevenson, the head of the vetting body, to end the tradition that allows outgoing prime ministers to nominate peers without any checks on their suitability to sit in the Lords.

This might be a little disconcerting for those Labour party donors whose peerages were halted by the cash for honours scandal but who thought they might get them as Blair left office. It'll be interesting to see who makes it onto the list. Anyone care to speculate?

So. No Lord Bee Gee then.

So. No Lord Bee Gee then. This is a sad loss to British democracy. But I still think Lord Bernie Ecclestone is in there with a chance.

I think each one should come

I think each one should come with a twelve month suspended prison sentence. To be served in the event anyone is convicted in the "Cash 4 Peerages" investigation.

How about Sir Alex Salmond

How about Sir Alex Salmond of the SNP? It was the SNP that started the ball rolling on the cash for honors police investigation.

Now that the SNP run Scotland's parliament, thanks to massive voter fraud, one wonders if some sort of deal has been struck. I.e give Scotland to the SNP and they promise not to kick up a fuss when Goldsmith decides not prosecute anyone. That's politics I suppose.


Heh heh! - must admit that`s

Heh heh! - must admit that`s a conspiracy that didnt occur to me. In situations like this its always going to be a judgement between conspiracy and cockup theories. In an ideal world, all parties at Holyrood should agree that the ballot is a bogy and likewise agree to another full Scottish parliament election in a year`s time.

Iain Blair. He's done

Iain Blair. He's done everything bar publicly fellate ole Tone.

Lord Kelvin Mackenzie -

Lord Kelvin Mackenzie - pontifex maximus sol scriptus, topliss dartsicus, caelum TV - arise.
Sir Paul Dacre - Eminens Nazicus - odium omni darkus foreignus
Sir John Reid -Admiratio Stalinos tyrannos - arise
Lord John Prescott - obesa ignorantus bastardus -



How about for Prescot, Sir

How about for Prescot,
Sir John Prescot - little dickus  arise.

Lord Alastair Campbell of

Lord Alastair Campbell of the Forum -  mens sordida in corpo priapo...arise!

  Or, Lord Alastair Cambell


Or, Lord Alastair Cambell - vox populi tabloidus- Admiror mega fabricus Joephus Goebbelus. Amicus Rex Tryrannos Blairus. Totallus Mercenarious Bastardus.

Sorry, that's enough now... 

Brian Blessed to be King of

Brian Blessed to be King of England!  God bless King Brian!

Sorry, but we ALL know that

Sorry, but we ALL know that Brian Blessed is already Prince of the Hawkmen, so clearly there's a conflict of interests there:

"Onward my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known forever as Flash Gordon's Day!"

Blair nominees REJECTED by

Blair nominees REJECTED by the House of Lords Committee  ?

Will we ever know who was nominated , and then REJECTED , if any ?