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Tony has now given up all pretence of being a Prime Minister and is off on a permanent flag-waving jolly to see like-minded right-wingers (Sarko, Bush) and visit warzones.  This is apparently preferable to staying in London and doing, like, y'know, some actual governing (cf. running up to Sedgefield to announce that he was 'resigning', sorta).  Still, be thankful for small mercies, he can do less harm out there and there's always the possibility that he'll get in the way of something sharp.

Anyway, having turned up in Iraq and talked rubbish, repeatedly, about how wonderful the invasion was, security is improving and how swimmingly it's all going (of which more later) he rocked up in Basra to talk to Our Boys and inevitably the base was mortared.  The key point here is that they weren't even aiming at Blair, almost certainly, this is the usual shit that happens every day at the moment.  Basra is bandit country, a smugglers paradise, with the police in the pockets of militia and John Bull sitting in the middle of it with his thumb up his arse being patronised by the warmongers and shot at by everyone else.  Everyone knows we're leaving, everyone's just eyeing the main chance when we do.  What a godawful legacy, Tony.

The rest I'll leave to ARRSE:

Blair - The Legacy Tour He

Blair - The Legacy Tour
He needs to go with the crowds wanting more.

And this from the

And this from the Guardian

As he (Blair) flew into Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, a mortar landed nearby.

The attack was dismissed by the prime minister's spokesman as part of a pattern of daily bombardments: 'No information suggests that this was other than usual business'.

Oh well that makes it all ok then.

They're not even trying any

They're not even trying any more, are they?  It's like that classic moment a few months ago when you could actually see Blair trying to invent a line of answers that didn't contradict with any previous lines - the flickering eyes and five-second pauses gave it away.

the soldiers in the pic

the soldiers in the pic behind him dont look too happy wonder if they were searched for weapons on the way in.

Look, setting aside the

Look, setting aside the millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead, the economic and social demolition and the permanent occupation, it's all good. If he hadn't spent so much time answering the 'cynics' he could have had a walkabout in baghdad market and find out what the real people he so often refers to think.

Lets hope he he filled his lungs with fine western ceramic uranium oxide while he was there.

Fuck me, I've just read the

Fuck me, I've just read the guardian report after my last post.

The PM contrasted the situation in Basra with that of Baghdad, plagued by sectarian violence and al-Qaeda. 'When you go out and talk to the majority of people here they tell you they want to live in peace.'

Its true, you can't make this stuff up

Anti-Semitic conspiracy

Anti-Semitic conspiracy stuff deleted

There is no doubt about it,

There is no doubt about it, this creature with learning difficulties and attention span deficit, has spent more time out of this country than any other trough hobbit before him. He has also contributed less to the the well being of this country, and more to the detriment of this country,  than any other man in history, including our "enemies". What a legacy...what an example to live down to!!

More of his blood???

More of his blood???

I thought that this was

I thought that this was rather interesting, theres an interesting comment from the former US president that just sums it all up really. Poor old Tony, a disheartening thing having people in your chosen country for retirement showing signs of open contempt.

I remember Margaret Thatcher

I remember Margaret Thatcher called him a ‘true patriot’ when he first came into office. I imagine she still does, as does Tony Blair, even though he has turned this country into an internationally subservient police state.

The UK invented modern global trade, we also created the first transnational corporation where soldiers enforced corporate rule over foreign exploitation. Things haven’t changed much since the East India Company and their ilk, just change the actors and places, the situation is pretty much the same.

We are living now in a Global Command Economy. Corporate welfare, massive tax fraud and transnational corporate sponsored political corruption, is the norm. EU, NAFTA and WTO regulation ensures the competitive power of these huge companies over their smaller counterparts, creating the illusion of free trade.

The middle class pay the price of massive tax avoidance by enduring the taxation burden as corporations pay nothing. The working classes pay through their lives as soldiers in foreign, money making jaunts.

Some say it is the new American Empire, I say it is a new Globalist Empire. This is why Thatcher and her pet Tony Blair think they are patriots, they help line the pockets of the rich and powerful, which they have been elected into, whilst the rest of us, the citizen, are nothing more than a rabble that needs to be socially managed commodities as Cassandra eloquently stated on another thread.

Mussolini allegedly stated, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power”. Neo Corporatist, Fascist Corporatist or Corporate Globalist, Tony Blair is certainly one of them, as is Brown, as is any future UK political leader. They are British patriots because that’s what our country has always been in relatively recent times, apart from a small blip from 1945 – 1960’s.

Re the first of his posts of

Re the first of his posts of 20 May, I thought Catgate would be amused to be reminded of Robert Conquest's Law N°1, which reads roughly as follows : "Every organization appears to be headed by agents of its greatest opponents".

Re Mitch's post of 20 May, I

Re Mitch's post of 20 May, I notice a curious lack of young faces as the backdrop to pictures of Blair addressing soldiers in Iraq; all those guys look like somewhat older NCOs. This is presumably stage managed as it is probably less upsetting to see seasoned old sweats than 18 or 19 year old squaddies (especially given the death toll). Spin in the face of death, so to speak.

"The majority of people want

"The majority of people want to live in peace." Thank you Tony, and I suppose that you'll be telling us next about the toilet habits of bears. In all societies about 99.99 per cent of people want to live in peace. Only a tiny percentage of people enjoy violence. But the invasion of Iraq (your invasion, Tony) has created a society where that tiny minority can have a field day, and that has attracted "men of violence" from neighbouring countries. And the people of Iraq who want to live in peace are sucked into the violence, whether they like it or not. People who want peace are sucked into violence to defend their businesses, or defend their neighbourhood, or to ensure that other groups don't create "facts on the ground" that will become important in a possible future redrawing of internal boundaries or entitlements to resources (such as oil revenues). Modern life requires trade; trade requires contracts and credit; these require institutions to enforce the contracts and the repayment of debts. But Iraq is now a failed state, its weak institutions were destroyed by the invasion (your invasion, Tony), there is no State with a monopoly of violence that will ensure that someone will get paid for his goods or that a debt will be repaid. So even people who do not want violence have to turn to non-institutional enforcers just to keep going. This is the Hobbesian nightmare that your invasion has created. So please stop the platitudes like "the majority of people want to live in peace": we know that. Do you realise that you have created a failed state, and what are you going to do about it?

Do you realise that you have

Do you realise that you have created a failed state,


and what are you going to do about it?

run away and hide in America

Does anyone know how this so

Does anyone know how this so called "War on Terror" can be brought to a conclusion, when there is no opposing State to negotiate with as the enemy? It is not even clear today who is in charge of the enemy, as no one knows if Osama Bin Laden is alive or dead. This will make the Hundred Years War look like a short interlude in history.

Our first thought on hearing

Our first thought on hearing the news was I wonder if it was our own troops who fired the mortar at Blair ! I wouldn't blame them if they did.

Well you could get rid of

Well you could get rid of the british and american secret services.

The following is part of

The following is part of the definition of Fascism that Mussolini wrote, it comes from the Internet Modern History Source Book.

   Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. It thus repudiates the doctrine of Pacifism -- born of a renunciation of the struggle and an act of cowardice in the face of sacrifice. War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have courage to meet it. All other trials are substitutes, which never really put men into the position where they have to make the great decision -- the alternative of life or death....

After the end of the Cold War, when we were told that there would be an air of peace in the world, is it possible that Blair and Bush realised that eternal war was a good thing? 

"The PM contrasted the

"The PM contrasted the situation in Basra with that of Baghdad, plagued by sectarian violence and al-Qaeda. 'When you go out and talk to the majority of people here they tell you they want to live in peace.'"

Very funny. If the PM had really gone out and talked to the majority of people there, they would have killed him.

Are you talking about Iraq

Are you talking about Iraq or the UK?

It's a good question - the

It's a good question - the ARRSE regulars were probably only half-joking when speculating about the best way to frag the PM.  It's ironic that more people know that certain senior officers are anti-war than that the majority of the boots on the ground are, too.  Being anti-war isn't a fringe activity, being pro-war is, which is interesting when you look around to find the people that any putative fascist is going to require to do his dirty work for him.

"The rest I'll leave to

"The rest I'll leave to ARRSE"

I enjoyed their old TB election poster. How did anyone ever think that smile was sincere?

"No one knows if Osama Bin

"No one knows if Osama Bin Laden is alive or dead".

No one knows for sure whether he was even the perpetrator of 9/11.

The only real enemy we have are people like Bush and Blair that are only too willing to plunge the world into ever greater depths of death, destruction, mayhem and suffering of pre-emptive war.

They thought the war in Iraq would be over within weeks; not months, years or decades: Weeks. I mean; 10 days into the invasion Blair was feeling suicidal cos he though he may have made a terrible terrible horrific mistake! And he was right!

Thing is, they don't learn; they're still regurgitating the same old bellicose rhetoric toward Iran: The latest threat to world peace...

Hopefully though we're seeing the demise of US/UK hegemony.