Anti-War Protests and Jury Trial


Having got extremely annoyed with the Guardian earlier, they've crawled back into my favour, like a whipped dog, with a couple of comment pieces and this rather welcome story, dating back to the initial invasion of Iraq:

Two anti-war campaigners who broke into an airbase to sabotage US bombers at the outbreak of the Iraq war have been cleared of all charges.

Protesters Toby Olditch, 38, and Philip Pritchard, 36, used bolt cutters to enter RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. They had intended to clog the planes' engines with nuts and bolts when they were arrested by Ministry of Defence police.


[also here]

There's no doubt about it - the jury must have decided, as indeed they can, that sabotaging US aircraft in the name of peace is, at a fundamental level, compatible with British justice (in particular our rather attractive notions of 'reasonableness'), if not on the face of it British law.  Remarkable, and rather uplifting after the Official Secrets debacle the other week.

Oh, and Chris Eubank won't be prosecuted under the ludicrous SOCPA for his fairly ludicrous stunt of driving his truck up and down Whitehall plastered in anti-war slogans.  One wonders why it was felt not to be in the public interest to have a high-profile prosecution under this doubtless important and necessary Act...

If Gordon Brown is to

If Gordon Brown is to replace Tony Blair as Prime Minister, then I think we may need a renaming of Blairwatch.

Thanks for the link. Life is

Thanks for the link.

Life is like a box of chocolates: too much makes you sick...

Having got extremely annoyed

Having got extremely annoyed with the Guardian earlier, they've crawled back into my favour


you are like the proverbial beaten wife. A simple show of contrition and all is forgiven. I suggest you read the following article (proper journalism) and stop being such a media whore.

What exactly is this site trying to do anyway? It has no balls. All your views and articles are just regurgitated mainstream media output and opinion. What is the real agenda here?

Do you all want a job in the mainstream yourselves? You give a very good impression of it as proven by the very censorial attitude taken when anyone brings up 911 or Zionism - just like the 'proper' media.

Good Day.

The war protestor's

The war protestor's accquital didn't make the front page unlike:

Chávez silences critical TV station

Big Brother could return before Ofcom's verdict on race row

and they didn't put an apology for yesterday's fantasy news there either.

you are like the proverbial

you are like the proverbial beaten wife.

Sense of humour failure?  Next time I'll put HEAVY IRONY markup round it, OK?

Reading around the various US blogs (Pat Lang, in particular), we missed the Telegraph's simultaneous story yesterday claiming that Iran was supplying SAMs to the Taliban.  Now, the Telegraph has more in the way of form for regurgitating shite peddled from 'officials' (see Con Coughlin for details), but it's rather neat that the only two newspapers that can vaguely claim the title 'serious' in the UK were both leading with patently rubbish anti-Iran gibber on the same day, just before an IAEA meeting.  The comments at B&T are interesting in this respect.

Big Stick and a Small Carrot used to do a lot on Con Coughlin, but has gone rather silent recently, which is something of a shame.

Not a lot of coverage of the

Not a lot of coverage of the recent Mori poll either.

Here  it suggests that only 17% approve of Blair's handling of the war.

Not news to you or me of course but, might be news to him?