The Bogeyman Strikes

At least we must be grateful for one thing; terrorists are becoming more incompetent with every attack. According to vast acres of press coverage, it's all down to the familiar old bogeyman - al Qaeda.

"clear that we are dealing, in general terms, with people who are associated with al-Qaeda" - Gordon Brown
"The terror of 7/7 was awful enough, but now al-Qa'ida has imported the tactics of Baghdad and Bali to the streets of the UK. - Lord Stevens

The last quote is interesting as it does seem to admit that the Iraq war has provided a training ground for terrorism. But, naturally the quote of the day goes to Tony.

Blair held out the example of the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan - criticised by Islamists as an example of the heavy-handed imperial West oppressing Muslims - to highlight unfounded claims of grievance. He asked how it is possible to claim that Afghanistan's Muslims are being oppressed when the Taliban 'used to execute teachers for teaching girls in schools'.

Blair added: 'How are [we] oppressing them? You're oppressing them when you support the people who are trying to blow them up.' - Source

Speaking of blowing people up, isn't this oppression then? The civilian casualty figures climb daily in Afghanistan, in Iraq.

Our strategy to fight terrorism was derailed by the Iraq war and made the problem a lot worse. As we continue down this foolish road, terrorism will remain amongst us, and eventually the bombers will gain some technical competence and strike, causing death and injury.

The strategy needs to be urgently changed because at the moment we are not winning, we're making it easier for the terrorists to recruit, making it easier for our civil liberties to be taken away from us.

Coming soon: 90 Day detention.

These so called 'car bombs'

These so called 'car bombs' are as much removed from the IEDs going off in Iraq as is possible to get. The (yet again) hysterical response of the media is unjustified.

The press are reporting massive casualties had the camping gaz bottles 'exploded', problem with that is that there would be no explosion as the car only contained propellants and not explosives. The gaz bottles are designed with a valve that releases the gas if the pressure gets to high - so at most your looking at a  scene similar to the burning car of Glasgow airport. Also why on earth Monday 1.30am? (the quietest time in the West End of the entire week). They'd be luckly to scorch a street cleaner - let alone  kill the 1,700 I saw quoted

Another report on ITN would have you believe that if both 'bombs' had gone off an area from Haymarket to Piccadilly would have been 'devastated', pure and utter cods-wallop.

A car, a bag of nails, cans of petrol and camping gaz bottles -  a car bomb? No sir.

what a load of

what a load of shite.

firstly the car did not explode it was a Feckin fire.

The car shows no signs of explosion, only fire. The roof is still flat, the window dividers still in place in their frames. There has been no blast of any kind in that car.

Despite early reports of the car driving extremely fast, it's established that the car was driving at about 30MPH, which is far slower than one associates with a terror attack, but normal for someone rushing to get a friend to a flight.

Which brings us to the fact that TWO men were in the car. Now, a man willing to kill himself to deliver a bomb is a rare and valuable commodity; you just don't waste TWO of them in the same car bomb.

Finally, the uninjured man REMAINED AT THE SCENE until arrested. Does that sound like a terrorist to you?


rumor is they were fooling around lighting each others farts after a hard night on the lager and curry when the lighter exploded.

boohaaha.Al CIA eda is comin ta gitch all!!be very  afraid,walk in a zig zag pattern at all times and report brown skin bearded ones wearing backpacks.Same shit with brown nose Brown in power.Big fat bastard.

feel better after that rant.

just in-case you are in any

just in-case you are in any doubt as to what a real IED looks like here is the real McCoy in Iraq.
 not nice. dead bodies going up in the air.REAL IED.

Glasgow airport???who knows.

I agree that the main

I agree that the main concern is what these attacks will be used for, ie: further infringements upon our human rights and civil liberties, there is already a great deal of worrying talk on the price we have to pay to deal with such attack and that price being certain rights. We must be vigilant to this of course but and this is a big but, some commenters seem be as intrenched in their high cynicism and are debating the merits of different means of killing people.

I'm sorry if the terrorist attempts were quite puny in comparison with attacks in Iraq, however, that doesn't make them any more valid or that they should be dismissed without investigation.

It's far too easy to keep doubting the whole situation and throwing around flippant comments but what exactly will it take for those that are as entrenched in their dogma as the politicians they loath to become part of the solution.


A well informed and

A well informed and entertaining commentary on the 'car bombs' from an ex bomb disposal officer over at the ever reliable Register

First comment from Anon, was

First comment from Anon, was very correct. For media proclaimed Al-Q directed 'terrorists' to use such predictably  ineffectual measures, when they are supposedly seriously in the chain. tells us that there must be more than a few links missing.

After many years of vehicle borne explosive device construction - e.g. the 1993 Twin Towers lorry bomb onwards, Al-Q most definitely know what works and what doesn't.



If you think it's bad there,

If you think it's bad there, you should see CNN and the rest here (NYC) - it's getting more coverage than Paris Hilton did, and that's saying something.  I just heard on NPR that they think one of the bombers was an Iraqi doctor.  George and Tony's baby terrorists are now all grown up.

*sigh* The flippancy and


The flippancy and willingness to dismiss everything on a sliding scale of bomb making abilities is a little worrying, I think the middle ground is a safer bet, somewhere between the removal of our civil liberties in the name of fighting terror and dismissing every terror attempt as MOSSAD/false flag/incompetent idiots.

Tesco must be running low on tinfoil.

Also why on earth Monday

Also why on earth Monday 1.30am?

Thursday, shurely? According to my niteclubbing correspondent, it's a big night at Tiger Tiger. A friend was there (I'm trying to tie Blairwatch up with the exclusive interview rights...).

Actually, according to the Tiger Tiger website it was ladies' night on Thursday 28th June, which is an obvious target for fundamentalist conservative bigots who hate the idea of female freedom.