Nuking Hayman While The Sun Shines

Listening to the IPCC press conference on the Met's handling of the aftermath of the shooting on 22/7/2005 as I type - Killer of the Yard is let off because he convinced the IPCC that he'd been kept in the dark by his own senior team.  This is hardly reassuring.  Andy 'Dodgy Dossier' Hayman, already on our shit list because of his involvement in the 90 days debacle, is given both barrels, in so far as the IPCC has any barrels.  Basically he seems to have lied and if he doesn't lose his job over this I'll eat my hat.  I've got the knife and fork ready, however - the history of holding the Senior Knackers to account isn't greatly encouraging.

There's a classic bit about the News of the World interview with Sir Ian Blair, which blatantly misquoted him.  The IPCC were rather critical of him taking time off to give interviews to tabloids, but it's so in character for the man.

Lying to protect the

Lying to protect the proverbial that floats to the top in a toilet is no problem, everything can be RIGGED to suit. There is no one in the legal profession, judges or lawyers, who can be trusted today. Anyone who thinks there are laws that look as though the average peasant has got rights, and can use them against the bastards in parliament, are much mistaken. There is no such thing as a DEMOCRATIC politician. If someone thinks there is, could they please name them, and I will prove with ease otherwise and forward them the info.

 This goes all the way up to the top with politicians. I can prove that the idiots at the top of the EU, Barroso and his side kick Frattini, are either illiterate, or do not understand what NAZISM is, but having said that they are lawyers. 

This is what their so called wanting to ban all NAZI insignia within the EU is about. This conveniently conceals the fact that the German legal system still operates a system of SPECIAL COURTS, directly controlled by NAZI legislation. These were one stage higher than the VOLKSGERICHT where the people who attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1944 were tried, in public. In Special Courts there is no reporting of the proceedings and subsequent verdict. The victim is given no chance to win, I have experienced a court set up in this manner, and lying on behalf of the government is totally accepted, a lawyer admitted this fact to me. The victim is not allowed to contest the lying, because theay are denied the right to speak, and their lawyer has agreed to betray them, on behalf of the government because of NAZI legislation. The EU ie. Barroso and Frattini consider such a court to be COMPETENT, I have this in writing. 

If I am wrong, I openly challenge them to sue me.

The police officers who

The police officers who carried out their extrajudicial execution got away with it, hell these 'heroes' even got a nice holiday at taxpayers expense. They'll probably say they fired him when infact he'll be removed from the role of Terror Chief, but keep his Asst Com post and given another job title.

Why should NuCoppers behave

Why should NuCoppers behave any differently than NuLabour? At least the coppers only offed one innocent that we know of.

And is it just me or has Ian Blair got the sort of face that you just want to punch?