Excellent news from across the pond - Bush's personal smokescreen, Alberto Gonzales, a man for whom the list of offences to be taken into consideration extends into treble figures, has resigned.  It seems that the old rule about the cover up being more damaging than the crime still holds true.  You'd think an Administration that started on its life of crime at the knee of Tricky Dicky would know that, but apparently not.  Trebles all round!  Personally, I think this is more significant than Rove, as Gonzales was effectively
stuffed by the Senate justice committee and Patrick Leahy in particular.  Some of the footage of Alberto's performance under examination is quite laughably crass.  The vultures are circling in force.

Good Riddance to both of

Good Riddance to both of them...

Bush ally Gonzales 'steps down' ...


"John Prescott to stand down as MP"...

It seems highly likely that

It seems highly likely that Gonzales will be given a Presidential pardon for any charges he might face. Bush has already commuted Libby's sentence and hasn't ruled out a full pardon for him either.

Is it too cynical to suggest that the timing of the recent resignations - I'm thinking Rove and Gonzales in particular - are all about making sure that Bush will have time to pardon them of any charges before leaving office at the end of 2008? I suspect not.

I don't think anyone knows

I don't think anyone knows why Rove resigned when he did - there's an obvious propaganda surge coming in September to persuade us that Iraq can be 'won', for which they're already sowing the seeds, and the timing is odd in the extreme.  With Gonzales, the link between the obvious lies he's been telling to cover up for Bush and his resignation are obvious, in that he would have been facing escalating action from the estimable Sen. Leahy for a while.  Therefore his resignation is the last act of a long career of taking the heat off Bush, but this particular Get Out Of Jail Free card can't now be played for the next scandal.  The great thing about losing all these trusted flunkies is that the loss of each one exposes just a little more of the target for the Democrats (or at least those who haven't sold out completely) to aim at.  Even given that they're armed only with a banjo, the swelling size of the cow's arse means they're bound to hit it eventually.

"I don't think anyone knows

"I don't think anyone knows why Rove resigned when he did"

I agree Tom. But while I was watching him leave the white house lawn it seemed Bush and his wife were very warm towards him but he seemed cold to them?. I got the feeling he was forced out.

The same could be said of Harriet Harman when Gordon Brown joined her on the platform when she became deputy leader, no peck on the cheek it all seemed cold from Brown. There is a lot to be said for body language.









I'm pretty sure Brown

I'm pretty sure Brown wouldn't have picked Harriet Harman as a deputy given a chance, which explains that.  I don't think he likes being stymied, but at least (compared with Blair) he shows it.

Where is Harman, by the

Where is Harman, by the way? She seems to have gone bvery quiet since her appointment: not even a spot defending the indefensible at 8.10 on the Today programme.

Harriet Harman and her

Harriet Harman and her husband (the far right winger) Jack Dromey were well in with Blair/Brown at one time then THEY failed to deliver the goods, failure will not be tolerated in New Labour, except in their policies...







US Attorney General Alberto

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns...


Last seen in Tuscany with

Last seen in Tuscany with hordes of other NuLab freaks - the place was packed with these guys.  Maybe they were all trying to emulate Blair's Italian romances -  Berlusconi handing out watches etc left right and centre....

Loosing any of these people

Loosing any of these people will make not a jot of difference to the direction of the Bush administration. Politics is like fighting the hydra - cut off one head and another one grows in it's place.

As an example, did spin end when Campbell left? Did it hell. He was simply too high profile, and was the story, rather than making up stories to feed to the lobby press sheep. Brown has spin doctors just like Blair did.

As for Gonzales, another bent yes man will replace him, we just wont know him so well.