Government To Share Data


No, not ID Cards, but from next month.
It's all part of Transformational Government - a scheme to transform Britain from a free society to a surveillence society.

Ministers are preparing to overturn a fundamental principle of data protection in government, the Guardian has learned. They will announce next month that public bodies can assume they are free to share citizens' personal data with other arms of the state, so long as it is in the public interest.

The policy was agreed upon by a cabinet committee set up by the prime minister, and reverses the current default position - which requires public bodies to find a legal justification each time they want to share data about individuals. - Source

Next month? When exactly?

Ministers are due to announce a policy based on this position in the week beginning September 11.

There's also a about it all. The main point seems to be that paper records can be lost, but no mention of electronic files being deleted.

The Brave New World is being built, slowly, piece by piece.

From the 'Implementation

From the 'Implementation Plan':-

"5. Transformational Government is about creating conditions in which government
transforms itself. The implementation plan draws upon best practice in the public and private sector to create that transformational environment, bringing technology and business functions together through the Service Transformation Board and the CIO Council.
Actual transformation itself will be carried out in delivery organisations in the context of implementing the strategy principles in the Comprehensive Spending Review and Capability Reviews."

I'm not sure what it means - but I think it's SCARY ! In a Frankenstein or 'Yes, Minister' sort of way.

This is what a management

This is what a management consultant writes when they have no idea what the aims and objectives of the project are. It doesn't mean anything except maybe "change is good", which is an obvious fallacy as we've seen over the last few years.

I like it, Blair now doesn't

I like it, Blair now doesn't address us as voters but as 'customer' Read here
Is he, as in afraid of the word? does it not give him a warm fuzzy feeling that he has to answer to voters? Customers is not the right word at all, we don't buy anything from HMG do we, we pay for everything as tax payers.

Within the public services we have to use technology to join up and share services rather than duplicate them. It is a simple fact that we are stronger and more effective when we work together than apart. It is also self evident that we will only be able to deliver the full benefits to customers that these new systems offer through using technology to integrate the process of government at the centre.

Anyone notice that the video is copyright 2005?!

2005, eh. Maybe after all

2005, eh. Maybe after all that fuss about arresting Wolfgang at the Labour Party conference set their big brother plans back a little. Now they've moved the agenda on with the help of a convenient bomb plot. Problem is... the opinion polls, and Blair's personal rating.

Can they actually do that

Can they actually do that without passing any new legislation? And who gets to decide what constitutes "the public interest"?

Posting the propaganda film

Posting the propaganda film on youtube is interesting. It is like having focus group free of charge. They can use the feedback to to interatively tune the propaganda.

Almost as interesting as the

Almost as interesting as the message on YouTube now:

"This video has been removed at the request of the copyright owner COI television besause its content was used without permission"

So I guess one of two things happened
1) Somebody on the inside saw this and decided it needed to be outed
2) Their feedback was a bit more negative than they expected

DAMN ! It was SO well done

DAMN ! It was SO well done with that black copper and many regional accents and little old ladies cunningly used.

I'm too computer-ignorant to have saved it, but WAS it possible to do so ?

I really wonder quite why

I really wonder quite why the Brits put up with this crap, but then I guess there are not that many of them left in the sceptred isle to make a difference and those that are there, including all new intake, don't really understand what's happening or are used to state surveillance 24/7 anyway.

frog, I didn't bother to


I didn't bother to save it. I think places like youtube use macromedia flash to disguise what are normal mpeg and mov video files. There is a firefox plugin to grab them:

and I'm sure everybody who comes here already uses the firefox web browser rather than the odious Internet Explorer.

Check out amdocs. "BT and

Check out amdocs.

"BT and Amdocs will also work together to establish a "Centre of Excellence," ... "Amdocs is delighted that BT has chosen us to support its critical service ..."

and comverse - more spying

and comverse - more spying on us - illegally - from Israel.

All your calls are being

All your calls are being monitored through BT.