I can't think of any other way to describe this: Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria. After their less than stellar performance in Lebanon, Israel has decided to change its policies. True their army is excellent when confronted with stone throwing children in Gaza, it does less well when facing grown ups.

Interestingly they've changed their main targets to Iran and Syria - the enemy of choice for the Neo-cons. The Neo-cons have their own interpretation of the recent Lebanese conflict.

Take a deep breath, this is truly batshit:

Richard Perle, a leading neoconservative... believes Israel missed a golden opportunity to strike at Syria during the Hezbollah conflict.

“If they had acted against Syria during this last kerfuffle, the war might have ended more quickly and better,” Perle added. “Syrian military installations are sitting ducks and the Syrian air force could have been destroyed on the ground in a couple of days.”

Kerfufle? What an insulting choice of word, and a revealing one. This is just a game of Risk on a bigger board to him. Secondly, how batshit do you have to be to look at the 'kerfufle' and think 'if only the Israelis had also attacked Syria, they could have won'?

“If Syria spirals into chaos, at least they’ll be taking on each other rather than heading for Jerusalem,” said one insider.

Oh right, that's the big plan is it? Iraq in chaos, Lebanon in chaos, Syria in chaos, Iran in chaos... Anyone else see a pattern forming here...

Everything they touch turns to chaos and they still don't change their ideas or plans. That's just institutional insanity.

If they had any brains they'd be asking Hezbollah to rebuild New Orleans, something the 'Greatest Nation On Earth' has completely failed to do.

Why Blair signed up with these monkeys is beyond me.

Crazier than a barrelful of

Crazier than a barrelful of monkeys on acid! Thats the likes of Perle and Wolfowitz, all those gag and vomit boys. The merde-de-la-merde gem out of that article has to be that the Iran-Syria pact is regarded with `grave concern` when any halfway prudent nation would, when faced with the likes Israel and the puppetmaster USA, scramble around for allies and bigger better weapons pronto.

Generally speaking, things that cannot go on don't go on: when will Iraq experience their version of the Tet offensive, I wonder?

The best hope for an

The best hope for an extended period of world peace lies in the total elimination of all US influence outside its own borders. This can only be achieved through regime change (ie ALL Bankster controlled entities - eg GOP AND Democrats) in the US and probably through the elimination (or relocation) of Israel too.

Scenario 1.
The skank economy teeters on collapse - held together with lies, deceit and war profits. It may not take a full war to bring down the house of cards. The economic end of amerika is imminent. Its creditors simply will not tolerate forever the endlessly increasing fake-money/debt, unbounded arrogance and increasingly blatant hegemony of a war criminal. If any one of these creditors “pulls the pin” the ensuing chain reaction will put the skanks out of world politics for decades. This would be a GOOD thing. The question is: “How long will those who can inflict this put up with nazi-amerika’s spoilt-child behaviour.” When the plug is pulled we will have the much needed demise of nazi-amerika plus total (but temporary) collapse of most other western economies and long term elimination (through a citizen-driven reappraisal of old politics) of US influence everywhere. The elimination of amerikan greed-crime will allow two thirds of the world to prosper from their own efforts for the first time instead of feeding the gluttonous excesses of wall street and the bush crime family (Carlyle etc).

China, India and Islam (collectively), Africa (collectively) hold the key to bringing about this first scenario to save us all from:

Scenario 2 (worse for us all)
Amerika has long defended its “right” to pre-emptively strike “rogue” nations.
Unfortunately, this can back-fire. If established in the world psyche as an “acceptable” way forward then, in the absence of scenario 1 above, the inevitable end result of “pre-emptivism” will be that SOME entity (maybe Iran) figures that it had better attack first rather than be yet another (of the over 200 since WWII) US caused casualty. So this entity may (WILL at SOME point of provocation) resolve to inflict such enormous pain (through a pre-emptive strike as advocated by the insane neocon regime) directly upon the threat (US) that the US will be debilitated.

We know (from documented thefts of ex-USSR materials) that hundreds of “suitcase” nukes are already deployed throughout the US and all it will take to ignite Armageddon is for the madman in the white house to push it too far.

Either way – skank-land will be terminated sometime sooner rather than later.

1. (Western) Equity markets crash to virtually zero
2. Gold (and other precious metals) soar – it will no longer be meaningful to quote prices in US dollars – Euro possibly, more likely a new “Islamic” Dinar.
3. Widespread poverty and starvation everywhere. Only agriculturally self sufficient areas will suffer less.
4. Vigilante/Citizen law will prevail – no western military, police or any government agency will be trusted due to perceived complicity in bringing about the awful situation
5. Such anger will be directed at amerikans everywhere (outside own borders) that they will become “fair-game” for summary execution. Canadians will make every effort to speak French so as not to be confused with skanks.

You da skank.

You da skank.

no - skanks are vermin who

no - skanks are vermin who engage in torture and mass murder for profit. We dont do that.

Re: "Why Blair signed up

Re: "Why Blair signed up with these monkeys is beyond me."

Why indeed?

"Given the response of the [British] government to 7/7, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the London bombings have been shamefully exploited by the state to simply serve its own empowerment." (p269) Ahmed, Nafeez M, "The London Bombings - an independent inquiry", Duckworth, 2006

Ahmed documents chapter and verse the complicity, facilitation and active support provided by the US and UK governments for known terrorist groups both prior and after 9/11 and 7/7.

Perle is a rabid Zionist and

Perle is a rabid Zionist and it seems him and his like consider the Arabs on a level with cattle, that's why it is just a "kerfuffle" to him.

I apologise to those in the know but to those who do not, take a look at these resources to learn a bit about this delightful lot.

(listen to Ben Freedman's speech! )

The politicians in America are dominated by the Israeli lobby, mostly AIPAC

I just hope the American's are not fooled into attacking Iran.
Everybody needs to tread carefully. I think it is a mistake to cheer on a day of reckoning for Israel. They have nukes and backed into a corner I think they would use them.

What jk5 says has some truth I think. The American economy is teetering on the brink. If the dollar collapses they will not have the resources to throw their weight around so much. That assumes they have not caused WW3 first!

Interesting article on what

Interesting article on what happens next in Iraq, now that Civil War, by any reckoning, is occuring.

Sadly much of the article reminds of all the reasons why so many people opposed this war in the first place.

"its policies" NOT "it's

"its policies" NOT "it's policies". Why is the standard of written English so poor on Blairwatch? Are you all semi-educated slackers?

I think we have more

I think we have more important things to worry about than grammatical

Please study the above resources about Zionism in the USA. Not that we are immune over here!