How the Bush administration gains allies


According to President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, after 9/11, the Bush administration threatened to bomb Pakistan into "the stone age" if it did not cooperate with the War in Afghanistan.

Musharraf, in an interview with CBS news magazine show "60 Minutes" that will air Sunday, said the threat came from Assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage and was given to Musharraf's intelligence director.

"The intelligence director told me that (Armitage) said, 'Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age,'" Musharraf said.

"I think it was a very rude remark."

The Pakistani leader, whose remarks were distributed to the media by CBS, said he reacted to the threat in a responsible way.

"One has to think and take actions in the interest of the nation, and that's what I did," Musharraf said about the cooperation extended by Pakistan.

Musharraf said some demands made by the United States were "ludicrous," including one insisting he suppress domestic expression of support for terrorism against the United States.

"If somebody's expressing views, we cannot curb the expression of views," Musharraf said.

I wonder which other world leaders were made an offer they couldn't refuse. I think we should know.

So the worm has turned.

So the worm has turned.

The worm had already

The worm had already turned.

The Pakistani intelligence services are widely believed, not only by paranoid Americans, to be responsible for training and supplying the Taliban in the nortern tribal areas of Pakistan. This is why the British troops are meeting such significant and unexpected resistance.

On the basis that Pakistan were threatened into co-operation it is not really surprising that they have not bothered to kick the Taliban or bin Laden out of Pakistan. Yet again the morons in charge of America are reaping as they have sown in their foreign policy.

worms are thriving in ROTTEN

worms are thriving in ROTTEN FLESH

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Why am I not surprised. Mind

Why am I not surprised. Mind you, who can you believe? I don't suppose Bush and Blair are on their own in political spheres in struggling with the idea of truth.

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Use of block caps is a most useful (and QUICK) means of emphasis in blogging. The mindless obsession with this suggests a pedantic pettiness and puerile pique.

Re: "I wonder which other

Re: "I wonder which other world leaders were made an offer they couldn't refuse. I think we should know."

Little Jonny Scumbucket Howard?

Did France just say "Make my day Shrub" - and thats why the skanks banned "French Fries" - something that only they had ever called them anyway.

If this is true (and there is NO reason to doubt it), it highlights the urgency with which freedom loving nations must address the need to terminate the US - by economic isolation and destruction.

I think it is pretty plain

I think it is pretty plain that the same threat was implicitly made to all nations, without exception. (Including the UK). Consider: Pakistan is a staunch US ally, and what is more it is armed with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them (although admittedly not to the "Homeland" AFAIK). What the US administration has made plain is that, whenever it thinks its own interests are at stake, it will not let anyone else's interests (or rights) stand in its way for a moment. And why? Because it can. This administration has done a vast amount of harm, but it has accomplished one useful thing: proving beyond a shadow of doubt that Lord Acton was right when he said that "All power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Imagine for a moment that, while the IRA was actively engaged in bombing the UK and trying to blow up its government, an SAS hit team had gone to the USA and arrested, or assassinated, a prominent IRA leader - possibly killing and injuring a lot of Americans, and destroying a lot of property, in the process. Would the US administration have accepted that the UK had a right to take that action?

Yes us lovers of freedom

Yes us lovers of freedom should terminate 296 million people in America because we are peaceful and love freedom.

America sees its enemies and wants to terminate them. Iran sees its enemies and wants to terminate them. And jk5 sees his enemies and wants to terminate them.

Welcome to an exalted club jk5! By your reckoning you are officially as evil as they are.

I doubt any other leaders

I doubt any other leaders (apart from Mullah Omar) were made the offer in quite such explicit terms.

The interesting thing is that Musharraf turns now. He must feel in a much stronger position against the US, and/or pressured by Muslim fundamentalists. Is he allying with Iran? Could this be the beginning of wider Muslim anti-US alliances? Is the 'arc of extremism' Bliar dreamed of going to become a reality?