Repost: Blair on Extraordinary Rendition - The Lying Liar and the Lies he tells.


Apologies for recycling articles, the following clip is reposted from December 2005.

But bearing in mind what is emerging this week on the subject of Extraordinary Rendition, I think this, taken from Blairs Press Conference of December 21st 2005 is worth mentioning again in it's own post...

Listen to Blair on Rendition [200kb mp3]

I, I have absolutely no evidence to suggest that anything illegal has been happening here at all, and I'm not going to start ordering inquires into this, that and the next thing when I've got no evidence to show whether this is right or not - and I honestly, and you know, it's like all this stuff about camps in Europe or something - I don't know, I've never heard of such a thing.
I can't tell you whether such a thing exists - because, er - I don't know.

Our recent coverage of  government duplicity over the subject of Rendition is archived here.

Of course he hasn't got any

Of course he hasn't got any evidence. If he was one of the prime movers, he'd be the very last to gather evidence, wouldn't he!

The evidence should be gathered by law officers, and presented to an (International) Crominal Court.

" The dog ate your

" The dog ate your homework", young Blair ?

That's what you told me yesterday, and I called your parents and they don't even have a dog. Just one cat.

" Yes Sir, but Moggins eats like a dog, Sir, ..Honest.,  Sir"

Now what year are we in ? Ah.... yes. I see corporal punishment has not been abolished yet.

Headmaster's study at twelve,  Blair.

( Apols to all users and tourists for feeble attempt at humour.  I just ran out of creative vituperation , and it didn't change anything,... either....)

I heard the original, and wondered how long it would take to explode back at him.

Well done, ringverse. No apols needed, at all, some things cannot be recycled enough.  

Off to distribute.


What can you say about this

What can you say about this squalid affair? It was obvious from his very first answer  at PMQ's he was shitting himself. The only times I have ever seen him look scared was when someone asked right at the end of PMQs about his slapper signing the Hutton report for auction at a fundraiser. He looked like he was going to cry when he gave the answer " but no offence was intended'. Th e second time was when Ming put him on the spot about rendition, nobody else in the house seemed to take much notive but he lost a shirt size and went white.

So we all know that we conspired with teh US to allow this TORTURE to occur. So where is the motion of censure/ no confidence or whatever the right procedure is ready for monday morning??? Lets see how NuLab the backbenchers are when it means they would be condoning torture if they support Blair. With something as secret as this the buck really does stop with him.


Cameron where are you????




He is REALLY good at

He is REALLY good at presenting his lies isn't he? The exasperation at this whole rendition nonsense is rather nicely pitched. Silly old public with silly old questions....

All he really needed in fact, was a few thousand researchers and highly sophisticated database system to keep track of all the shit that comes out of his mouth. As it is, he must be hearing the soft tread of doom slowly overtaking him.

"The soft tread of doom"

"The soft tread of doom" creeping up.

Both he and GWB have looked definitely frazzled at times over the past couple of years.

More bad news of failures, lies found out, even serving generals speaking up  .

But they are both still there. 

H e probably justifies his lying,    that he did it for our own good.

I'm with sir ken Mc Donald   (sp the DPP) . There ain't no War On Terra, --- there are criminal acts to be treated in the everyday way by the courts.

In  the US the men at Gitmo have been described as the worst of the worst, makes lord Levy's  claim to have been tried by the Media to be a complete joke in comparison.  jose padilla has been destroyed by methods we used to associate with Cold War Russian treatment of dissidents.

In   the US they seize on just about anybody, a translator whose name i forget offhand, and treat them as an arch-terrorist, terrorise them and make them plea-bargain to avoid a life in jail.   Reminds me of those "IRA terrists" who were released after 15odd years inside. INNOCENT all along.

 I've got past the rage stage. I'm angry, yes. It is  NOT that TB is such a good liar. He is not. The embarrassing fact is that there seems to be no mechanism , no institution, nothing, that shouts "BULLSHIT"  when he lies  yet again.

We might just as well be living in an absolute  monarchy with a mad king.

PS( keyboard playing up. ) My punishment for TB would be a cell with Brian Haw playing non-stop



Sure it would be cruel and unusual. But less violent than some of our mates fantasies with baseball bats....

Cameron is buzy attaching

Cameron is buzy attaching electrodes to the genetalia of innocent dark skinned people, while getting excited dreaming of 'son of trident, grandson of trident'. That's where crazy Dave is. WHY is nobody shouting BULLSHIT at our Tone?